Agent advertises properties which come with a ‘tragedy discount’

In EYE’s tireless quest to root out potential new business opportunities for our readers, we have come across a dead certainty.

And it certainly adds new meaning to the phrase “ghost properties” which has put in increasing appearances on our site recently.

An estate agent in Hong Kong is helping buyers by a ‘haunted’ feature on its site.

It highlights properties that are cheap after they were the scene of murders, suicides or horrible accidents.

The Spacious website has a ‘haunted’ button. Press it, and up pop cartoon ghost icons on its map to show where there are bargains to be had.

Hold a cursor over the ghost icon and the dark history of the property is revealed.

Listings include a flat, which would normally cost £3,800 to rent but available for £1,250 after two women were found dead there.

Asif Ghafoor, Spacious CEO, said: “Properties that have some kind of history of an ‘incident’ in them can go for up to 50% less than a normal one.”

The technical term is a ‘tragedy discount’.

Apparently, the ‘haunted’ feature is mainly used by ex-pats looking for a bargain, but also by Chinese people so they know what not to buy.

And here’s another thing: EYE didn’t actually have to travel to Hong Kong to pick this up.

We found it on the Deadline News site.

Honestly, you couldn’t make it up.


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