allAgents extends crowdfunding appeal by 12 hours – but still falls short of target

The allAgents crowdfunding appeal for £50,000 has narrowly failed.

It fell short of its target by lunchtime yesterday – but was extended until one minute before midnight last night.

By the original closing time of 12.30pm yesterday, it had raised £44,130 from 189 supporters. By midnight, the amount had gone  up to £45,380, from 197 supporters.

allAgents launched its appeal in a bid to raise money to meet any legal costs in its battle with Purplebricks.

Purplebricks had objected to a number of reviews on the site, saying they were either fake or could not be authenticated.

allAgents said that in view of legal threats, it had no choice but to pull not only Purplebricks’ reviews but its profile page.

The objective was to restore both the page and the reviews, with the £50,000 fighting fund should that have proved necessary.

allAgents has been invited to comment on the outcome.


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  1. IndAgent

    Am I missing something? Do they not have a few quid theirselves?

  2. ArthurHouse02

    They have more than a few quid themselves, but like some many online companies, they would rather they used other peoples money.

  3. AgencyInsider

    No doubt the dom & ducky show will be along very shortly to give us their all-knowing all-seeing take on how this proves no-one gives a t*ss about Purplebricks.

  4. Chris Wood

    All Agents have £45,000 more than Mr Bryce and myself had when we told Purplebricks to go forth and multiply, I suggest they stand by their sites integrity and see what happens.

    1. GeorgeHammond78

      Ah, but there lies the conundrum, their site has NO integrity. OK they may have tried in the last few years to legitimise it but for years previously, they simply allowed it to be used by non-verified fakes and illiterate whingers. It was only after years of getting nowhere that they realised they couldn’t make money from the feckless and started reaching out to agents. Too little, too late and PB’s well funded self preservation team know that………


  5. J1

    Nobody can be surprised by this really, especially when one considers how unpopular they are.

  6. cyberduck46

    I must say I’m surprised, when it was £40,000 with a few days to go I thought it was a dead cert. Surely somebody at AllAgents could have contributed the £5K needed?


    Some interesting scenarios now arise.


    Can other Agents now serve the same notice on AllAgents that PB did in regard to reviews they think are suspect. If so will AllAgents remove the review page or will they be the “bully” and do nothing?


    With all the claims made by some traditional Agents as to the legality of PB’s operations and who believe that the reason authorities have done nothing is because of a lack of funding, could they raise enough cash using Crowdfunding to start a private criminal or a civil prosecution? There certainly seems to be £45K to be had. Perhaps we could have a case where traditional Agents bring a case for damages because the man in the advert who sticks his face in the cake has cost them business?


    I should at this point mention that I have subscribed for shares in the company behind crowdfunding 🙂


    1. PeeBee

      Take it you’ve moved, ducky?

      That’ll explain your noticeable lack of presence for a few days – or was it just that no articles caught your EYE as potential pro-PB propaganda vehicles?

      1. cyberduck46

        I posted yesterday didn’t I? Perhaps you missed it, it was later than usual? I usually check first thing when I’m bored but I had something else to do.


        1. Ostrich17

          Congratulations on completing your sale!

        2. PeeBee

          I’m talking about the past few days.

          And the answer to the question is…?

          1. cyberduck46

            I prefer to let you speculate, you like to do that and it’s much more amusing for me 🙂

            1. PeeBee

              Personally I don’t give a fuppenny whether your punt has “paid off” (in your eyes only) or you’ve chuffed a grand or so up against the wall for an abortive.

              In a few short weeks any need for ‘speculation’ will be gone, as any sale will be public domain.

              IF I was in any way genuinely giving anything of a rat’s @$$, I’d simply wait patiently to find out the same way as others – rather than give you the satisfaction of thinking you were doing me a favour by telling me what you would want me to think.

              Takes away any speculation, dunnit?  Or spin, for that matter.

              Laugh at that, ducky.

              1. cyberduck46

                >Personally I don’t give a fuppenny whether your punt has “paid off” (in your eyes only)


                Well I’m sure I won’t hear anything more on it if that’s the case. 🙂


                I notice there was some tweeting yesterday afternoon which suggests the topic is of great interest to you and your little gang.

                1. PeeBee

                  So – there’s today’s REAL news story…

                  ducky ‘fesses up that he’s a state-of-the-art Tw@tter #bunnyboiler!

                  Good job done – acceptance is the hardest part.  Now we can concentrate on the cure.

                  One down… one to go.

                  ducky was always going to be a pushover.  I have a feeling dom-boy will be the harder nut to crack of the #Fanboy_Fu**wit duo… but that just increases the fun factor.

                  1. cyberduck46

                    I originally stooped to your level and started name calling but deleted it.


                    What you refer to as being a bunnyboiler is actually the original purpose of twitter and that is to follow somebody’s posts. Just checked and you have 602 people who follow your posts. If you thought it was a private discussion between you and your little gang then you were wrong 🙂


                    What you actually use twitter for is akin to unsolicited email or the junk mail you get through your letterbox. You think your opinion is so important you basically spam the likes of the ASA and TrustPilot with your tweets.


                    Why don’t you just put your opinion in a letter or email and be done with it?


                    Not sure why you hashtag everything on a website discussion either. Does this get mapped onto twitter hashtags somehow or is it just another insult to the English language?


                    That’s me done for the day. I won’t be coming back to see if you reply so save your insults for a new thread.

                    1. Robert May

                      Congratulations on your sale Cyberduck I hope you are happy in your new home.

                      I’m fairly certain you’ll disagree but the ability to track your experience has demonstrated the Purplebrick experience suits some people. I’m not sure the £700k punt at the beginning did you any favours; you have effectively lost to my estimation 6 months of your life and 1 summer in your new home.

                      If that’s worth a £6k saving well done, if it wasn’t that at was the risk you took.


                      I expect you’ll be busy for a while once you complete but please don’t be a stranger  I quite like the discussion.


                    2. PeeBee

                      GO ON, ducky – you let those pent-up frustrations out!

                      If you’re doing your sorry best to upset my applecart then you’re leaving nice, decent people alone so that’s 100% fine and dandy with ole’ PeeBee.

                      Thanks for filling me in on the number of people who ‘follow’ me on Tw@tter.  I really don’t deserve that amount of attention – in fact I’d hazard a guess that the best part of 600 of them wish they’d never signed up for it and don’t ‘follow’ a single syllable!

                      BUT if one syllable has an impact somehow, with someone, and makes a change somewhere for the better… then all the countless wasted syllables will be one hundred percent worth the effort as far as I’m concerned.

                      Hashtag that.

  7. GeorgeHammond78

    Could someone please hack into allagents database and let me have the contact details of their 197 supporters. I know a man in Nigeria who has a surefire crowdfunding scheme and would like to send these people an email.

  8. Estate_Agent_Memes

    AllAgents – surely this is enough dosh!!?? If you have no contingency then you shouldn’t have bothered asking for anything!!

    Crack on and make a difference, this kind of opportunity will NEVER arise again.

  9. AgentV

    Stamp duty abolished for first time buyers on properties up to £300,000!!!!!


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