Build to Rent specialists pledge to offer three-year tenancies

The British Property Federation has pledged that the Build to Rent sector will offer three-year tenancies.

The option will be offered to private tenants in all buildings operated by 20 Build to Rent specialists.

Tenants will not have to take out the longer option and can opt for shorter terms.

Signatories to the pledge include Neil Young, chief executive of Get Living London, and John Midgley, director of Touchstone, who is current chairman of the SAFEagent scheme.


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  1. ringi

    In exchange for charging much higher rent then “private landlords” and only taking the top 10% of tenant who are in good jobs and very easy to enforce a court action against if there any issues.  Good for them, and their investors, but don’t expect landlords in the rest of the market to copy them any time soon…..



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