Don’t carp! Car mechanics overtake estate agents as least trusted trade

Here is the news that you have been waiting for.

Car mechanics have overtaken estate agents as the least trusted trade in the country.

Apparently mechanics baffle customers with language they don’t understand.

The image problem is apparently worst for franchised main dealers, with 96% of customers saying they thought they would have to pay more if they took their car to a corporate (or should be a carparate?) rather than an independent.

The finding is from a guarantee firm, Warrantywise, which says there is an absence of transparency over pricing and how qualified the mechanic actually is.

The result, according to a separate poll, is that one in five drivers don’t go to garages at all for car servicing.

The least trusted trades – and read into this what you will – are now apparently:

Car repair garages

Estate agents



Telephone service providers


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  1. man perero

    What happened to Journalists??

  2. Abbie12246

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