easyProperty boss tells of ‘secrets to success’ as it plans to be credible threat to high street agents

The boss of online agent easyProperty has given a new interview – to Yahoo Finance – explaining his firm’s success.

In the interview, Rob Ellice tells “what makes easyProperty tick, and how they want to be a ‘credible threat’ to the traditional UK high street estate agent”.

He said that any business should concentrate on the consumer.

The interview, which says that his business has as its parent company low-budget airline easyJet, is in the form of a Q and A.

The interview includes these questions and answers:

“What is the secret of easyProperty’s success?

I firmly believe that any business should focus on the consumer and what their requirements truly are. It sometimes takes starting with a clean sheet of paper to be able to see this and that is exactly what we did.

We also brought the principles of a very customer service industry into property services and looked at things differently. What is customer service is a key question. Is it how you deal with a phone call or is it enabling a customer to transact online without needing to speak to someone?

In fact it’s a combination of both but knowing what elements can be automated to enable 24/7 service is key.

Do you think that easyProperty.com would have gained critical mass so quickly without the “easy” brand ‘piggy-back?

Definitely not. Having a known brand has been a big differentiator between us and our competitors.

People understand what we stand for and indeed what they are going to get from us. Before people had heard of online or hybrid agents they understood that we were not going to have hundreds of branches across the country.

Instantly, the company logo was put in front of the public in brand awareness surveys a surprising percentage of people thought they knew the company.

The effect of having a recognised international brand has also helped us launch the company through fundraising so there are many advantages to leveraging this principle.”

The full interview is here: https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/focus-consumer-says-easypropertys-ceo-rob-ellice-094334336.html

easyProperty this month reported losses of almost £11m but plans to raise new funds.

Online agent easyProperty set to seek more funding as it posts losses of almost £11m






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  1. Shaun77

    I assume this “interview” was arranged by their PR firm purely to help them as they try to raise more investment and as such is really an attempt to hoodwink prospective investors that it’s a successful, viable proposition.

    Given their attempt to “disrupt” the market has been anything but successful, surely this has to be breaking some kind of law. Can a ‘journalist” spout nonsense in this way just to help raise more funds from unsuspecting investors who believe what they read?

  2. jg0147


  3. AgencyInsider

    The interview is a total farce and the ‘journalist’ should hang their head in shame – then apply to the White House Press Office for a job.

    For Yahoo Finance to run this nonsense does nothing for their credibility.


  4. AgentPink92

    They should be renamed EasyLoss.

  5. Michael

    £11m to set up an online business…

  6. Cardiff Agent

    The reference to ‘service’ allied to the name ‘Easy’ is a joke, judging by my recent experiences with Easyjet.

  7. Chris Wood

    Only just managed to stop laughing and breathe since this was first posted.

  8. PeeBee

    “secrets to success”?

    if this is what they term a success I’d hate to think what their idea of failure is…

    1. Robert May

      Failure is not having enough other people’s cash to splash out on crass PR stunts and litigation lawyers. Failure is that embarrassed slience in a conversation when people suggest they actually believe the tosh being spouted. Failure is the little kid at the back  suggesting the King is in the altogether, altogether as naked and naive as the day that he was born.


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