Fine & Country expands its brand into interior design

Fine & Country is now offering the use of its brand to interior designers.

Fine & Country Interior Design will be run by Alice Barrington-Wells and Grant Pierrus, joint CEOs at Pierrus & Wells, a marketing agency for interior designers.

Interior designers who will be allowed to use the brand will be vetted and will match the quality and professionalism expected by Fine & Country.

It is described as a unique set-up which will allow Fine & Country agents to tell their customers about the range of designers that can help with projects from home staging and redecoration to complete turnkey refurbishments.

The designers will not be restricted to Fine & Country properties.

The following design firms will be in the founding group for Fine & Country Interior Design: Base Interior, Rachel Laxer Interior Design, Amelia Carter and EHG Home.

David Lindley, CEO of Fine & Country, said: “We are privileged to be working with Pierrus & Wells to launch Fine & Country Interior Design.

“It is excellent for our customers, our offices and the brand, as it offers a bespoke service to our customers around the world.

“It builds the bridge between the property and interior design industries, and we are looking forward to seeing this new partnership grow.”


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  1. cristywilton60

    Yeah, I heard about it and I am happy that they are expanding their business. If they work like this they will be at the top.


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