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    What is needed in the affordable homes debate is a complete new thought process in bringing land through for develpoment because in the present climate, affordable homes, are anything but.

    Three suggestions:-

    Firstly allow an owner/deceased estate of land that can be brought forward for affordable housing 100% relief from capital gains/inheritance tax tax on the open market value of the land once the land is sold AND building starts within a maximum prescribed time period thus avoiding land banking.

    Secondly to introduce what I would call  a Second Tier property value by allowing  100% allowances equal to the open market land value and requiring a developer the sell the finished property without the land value element being included within the asking price and that this Second Tier property would subsequently be sold on in the future always having the land value element  removed from its value ( using comparative evidence). Possible ideal for a large scale site where some of the homes are earmarked for affordable?

    Lastly again complete relief from tax associated with the gift (CGT,IT, VAT on disposal costs etc) where an owner gifts land for the building of affordable housing and the properties become Second Tier as above where the land value element is excluded for future sales in perpetuity

    More ideas needed but outside the box

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