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    We were enticed by upmarket dialogue into using OTM’s new Oveseas Portal in June last year. Listing an average of 200Grench properties by XLM feed. We pulled out in December due to not recieving a single lead or call in the entire period.  We cannot imagine we are the sole agency to have experienced such a miserable result.

    We use most of the major portals and many minor with the identical feed. On average our leads work out between £15 and £30 working on what we pay monthly to lead numbers received.

    With OTM having a billing over £1,500 during this period! We would be really intrigued to hear the experience of other agencies.

    We resist the tempation to say more 🙁


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    I love it when people try to blame their own failures on their claim of the promises of others.


    smile please

    French Online,


    Maybe with a commission split an agent (such as us) could advertise these for you?


    Adapt Adopt Improve

    Thanks PeeBee . . .  <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>really a most helpful comment</span> , we must try hard to learn through such  words of wisdom!

    Had we not experienced a good success rate with other portals all with identical content, our question would never have been published on this Forum.

    Smile Please . . . never miss a potential opportunity is a comment I respect 🙂



    FPO – with respect – des bêtises completes*.

    WHY, when you apparently threw the towel in in December, have you waited until NOW to ask the question?

    WHY didn’t you ask the question before chucking it in?

    WHY have you made no mention of the steps you surely must have taken to find out the reason for the alleged lack of response to your presence on the portal?

    Just three of many “whys” – but clearly all you wanted was a sympathetic shoulder to cry on.

    Try down the other pub – you’ll find all the anti-OTM support in the world you could ever hope for.

    * closest I could get – perhaps you could advise the equivalent French phrase for ‘utter b0ll0cks’.  Merci d’avance.

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