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    Hi All

    I’m a long time reader of the site but this is my first posting. I am looking to introduce electronic signatures next year for Landlord terms of business and also for our tenancy agreements. I understand that these have been confirmed as definitely legally binding but wondered what people’s experiences had been with these? The main provider I have looked at so far is DocuSign who seem to be quite reasonable.





    Hi AndyS

    Do it! I hesitated for more than a year and now wish I hadn’t. I started using the DocuSign service last Easter and am now a big fan. I use it for tenancy agreements, terms and conditions, in fact anything that requires a signature.  (And we save the cost of using DocuSign in paper/printing/postage etc.)




    Thanks MF.

    Sounds like a no brainer!



    Chris Wood

    I use Adobe echo-sign and I’m very pleased with it. I haven’t used DocuSign so can’t make a comparison. That said, I’m a huge fan of digital signatures.



    I know this thread is quite old, but looking to get an idea on the legalities of e-signatures.

    I have read into it a little and individuals can sign, but a company cannot. But i presume a Director or such of a company can sign documents.

    Are there any recommendations on the ‘security’ of the person signing. I.e. i have read about two stage authentication in terms of sending a code to the persons mobile, or by them logging in via their social media account. Just looking to get any thoughts and recommendations on this.



    Two-factor authentication has little to do with the legality of an e-signature. We integrated Reapit with Adobe Sign so that the signed documents reconcile back to the contact record where there would be a verifiable audit trail of contact with the signatory including ID checks. Adobe themselves have many advanced techniques to prove the legality of a signature and I believe they’ve never lost a case where it has been challenged.

    Authority to sign on behalf of a business would be something you’d need to verify regardless of it being a wet or e-signature.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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