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    smile please

    15/20 years ago as a neg i was never allowed to take a Thursday off as that was the day the paper came out and the phones rang off the hook.

    Fast forward to 2015 going into 2016 is the paper still relevant?

    As story in eye pointed out this week, this time of year is a great time to take stock of where we all are and what we will do heading into 2016.

    With that in mind i have been looking at newspaper advertising.

    In the past it was a must but given all the technological advances is the newspaper still relevant? Do we really need it, is the ROI worth it?

    The chap from the newspaper tells me where else can you reach XYZ potential buyers and sellers locally? it still really is great value for money!

    In the early days of portals i think we needed to be on both as not everybody had access to the internet and some that did, had no idea how to use it.

    An argument is now in place only those 80 plus are not online, are these people looking to move in their twilight years and if they are would younger family members not help them out in finding an agent?

    In the past a seller would ask about how often they were in the paper, i cant remember the last time somebody asked me that!

    I feel it has become a habit to advertise as opposed to a need.

    multiple pages per week add up, much more than portals, Going forward i think i will do a single page every 2 weeks just to keep a presence but do i really need to do that? Would i not be better off reallocating the budget to a billboard or online campaign?

    I would be interested to hear others views especially those of agents that have opened up in last couple of years that have had success.



    A better discussion of this would be “DOES PRINT ADVERTISING WORK?”

    A few things to note before reading my comments, I used to work for DMGT who owned at the time Primelocation and about 100 local newspapers. I was part of the team who created which was created to become a viable competitor to Autotrader. The desire to create this was the constantly reducing revenue from car retailers in print. The homes side of the business was no different in having constantly reducing revenues.

    Homes, Cars and Jobs were the main revenue stream for any local newspaper.

    I do not believe that in 2015/16 you need to advertise homes (listings in the paper) or any other print medium.


    I do believe that well placed adverts about why someone should contact you if they are thinking of selling in publications of reasonable readership and cost can work.

    Forget about the listing focus on the potential vendors, target those in print and the phone will ring constantly from all those fresh listings you are loading daily.

    Good response can come from a relatively small advert if the advert is good.

    Local magazines that hang around and are freely distributed are the generally good ones.



    We take the back page of our local magazine.

    25,000 delivered each month 50/50 chance it will land ad up through the letter box!

    We find it a lot more effective than our own canvassing, but in the same breath, neither set the world alight.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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