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    What would the agents using OTM like to see it do differently? I don’t think I’ve seen that question asked anywhere and for me it’s more interesting than the usual pro/anti arguments we all know inside out by now ūüėČ


    the message

    your streetview point is fair – I would say the vast majority of people under 40 would use it, but obviously not everyone.


    Your overseas point is being facetious – the extra features I was talking about is to benefit all agents who advertise on OTM to make them more engaged, the overseas sesction is purely to benefit 2-3 members and doth stink to high heaven, but obviously if your nose isn’t that sesitive, or you are so used to being shafted that you just grin and bear it then fair enough.

    But I guarantee to the many of us that were too concerned about the power of the high end agents to join initially (and remember most agents havent joined) then this is a massive own goal, and just shows the arrogance and contempt for the average agent that lies at the cancerous heart of this great idea.



    Facetious?¬† Me? I wouldn’t go that far, ‘the message’.¬† Trying, via humour,¬†to be less “aggressive” than I’ve been accused of being, yes – guilty as charged.

    Maybe there IS just a few current Member Agents that will have an immediate need for such niche marketing.  The relevance to little old me and the vast majority of my Northern colleagues is in negative equity.  HOWEVER, the question of whether it will bring new Members to the table is an extremely interesting one Рand one which will take time to germinate.  If the plan is to increase traffic to the site Рboth home and abroad Рthen there is a possibility which you have to accept that ANY Agent may see a measurable benefit from.

    And as far as your comment relating to “the cancerous heart of this great idea”,¬†I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn when I say that¬†there will be thousands of decent local Estate Agents – who are the REAL “heart” of OTM – who may well feel insulted by that comment.

    I’m one of them – but I’ve got broad shoulders and also sensible enough to realise you aren’t having a pop at the genuine Membership… the vast majority, I would suggest…¬†who have put their faith in the product for what they consider¬†the right reasons.

    Please also remember that EVERY Agent has one vote and one vote only.¬† Any contentious ‘issues’ will be dealt with democratically.

    Show me where you have that with the others… ;o)


    the message

    We dont I agree, the others is just a purely commercial relationship, not a long term investment or a strategic partnership i totally agree.


    Sadly, as to the one member one vote, I refer the gentleman to my earlier response…

    <span style=”color: #181818; font-family: Georgia, ‘Times New Roman’, serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 18px;”>He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?‚Ä̬†</span>

    I totally buy into Am as I have said several times, but it cannot work if led and run from the offices of the london “elite”, as it is at the moment. At no stage in any presentation I attended did I ever hear about overseas, or deals with countrylife. Its purely for their benefit, and it is a real shame.


    I am sure you will get your chance to vote one day…just hope it is before it is too late.


    And look, i fully accept we are weak, we will join when if it proves successful we will benefit from the blood sweat and tears you and others like you are doing, and I am very grateful. I just dont have the belief to incur the pain myself, as I think the current leadership, and strategy is doomed, soomed I tell ya!





    WOW!!¬† Something in the back of my mind was nagging at me – so I’ve¬†rummaged a bit (credit: not allowed to say so I don’t upset ‘Gump’…) and look what I found from 30 September:

    “And when OTM power tatler, or, or farmersweekly, or an overseas homes site, I assume you will just nod sagely and be thankful your investment is being so well spent”

    Seems you are either Derek Acorah, or that was a very lucky stab (the same thing, I believe…), ‘the message’.¬† Which is it?

    You say you “totally buy into AM” – that being the case you are one step ahead of me.¬† I can’t remember off-hand when you joined the Great Portal Debate – but for clarification I was from the outset an extremely vocal objector to many of the issues you now raise – and more.¬† I remain a fence-sitter, despite now¬†being a¬†Member.¬† I swing on a daily basis but on the whole am comfortable with Membership, despite having issues, reservations and fears by the bucketful.

    I DO like the portal, and that is the main point.¬† I would happily¬†turn off RM tomorrow – but I’ve been saying that since long before AM was even conceived (NOT by Mr Springett, I would argue…) and look forward to the day when that is a realistic possibility but I am not kidding myself that such an exciting event is around the next corner… or the next one along the line, for that matter.

    I agree with you that the new ‘add-ons’ were never part of the original ‘sell’¬†– which for the record¬†I didn’t buy into in any event.

    I disagree that you are ‘weak’.¬† If that be the case then so was – and still am – I.

    I’m poacher-***-gamekeeper in many ways.¬† I CAN promote OTM – because I have seen measurable results from it – but that’s where it starts and finishes.¬† I want it to succeed because I don’t want to be part of something that fails.

    In reality, it SHOULDN’T fail.¬† It just needs to address¬†valid issues that non-Members like you (and previously me…)¬†are raising in order to to¬†survive and thrive.

    Like they say – no pain: no gain.


    the message

    I honestly picked something I thought they would never have the balls to push through – I was wrong – either they have much bigger cojones tha I imagined, or the influence of K Frank et al is much stronger than I thought!



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