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    Agent 007

    Hi guys,

    Lettings Question – what apps are you using to compile your periodic property inspections? Currently, we have an external guy that completes a paper checklist, then returns it to the office for a property manager to type up, scan and send to the landlord. Laborious & highly inefficient in this day and age.

    So what app would you recommend to use that can do all of this for us (apart from the visit of course) and create a nicely branded document to send straight through to the landlord? I’m sure there will be one out there that doesn’t cost the earth!

    Thanks in advance.



    smile please

    Turn of the year we started lettings,

    We do not have the time or drive to do inventories.

    We shopped around and found a few offerings, a bloke with a scrap of paper by the sounds similar to you, very cheap but poor quality.

    Looked at apps and bits but too time consuming and not worth the money.

    We got luck find an amazing company that are incredibly professional, the inventories we get for an unfurnished flat are about 80 pages full of photographs and descriptions and are without the best i have seen, and only about £50

    They send through as a pdf branded with our logos within 24 hours and we then send a copy to LL and tenant.



    There is a good piece of software from a company called Peach, but you pay for each report. It uses the original inventory to refer to and a lot of drop down menus to select from.

    Its a good piece of software but can prove costly in my opinion.

    Personally we created a branded document on word which i then restricted editing on to not lose its style, with all the rooms noted in a grid. I added drop downs to each field to represent the condition so – Good, Average or Poor. Each field has an area to add additional info, such as sofa has a tear (anything beyond basic noting). It then lives in my dropbox account ready to be used for any property. We have since started including these on our inventories so the landlords see a full inventory with a property visit report included on the bottom page.

    Its also completely free to make!

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    Agent 007

    Thanks for your response guys,

    We also outsource our Inventories Smile, much easier and having expert third parties doing them gives us an audit trail etc.

    YoungAgent – thanks for your suggestion but I’m not keen on paying for each report. Even if it was only 50p a throw the costs would be crazy based on the size of our portfolio. A monhtly subscription would be more realistic.

    I’ll keep searching and let you know when I’ve found something!




    We use Imfuna for our inventories and find the app awesome. But for periodic inspections we have PDF forms that we complete on the iPad with the ability to add photos.

    They are then sent to the landlord and tenant using our support system on our website – It only costs us the time and fuel which we would spend anyway if we went to do it with a bit of paper and pen đŸ˜‰





    As a provider I can see all points mentioned; cost, speed, accuracy etc etc….

    App based reports offer much more than just a report; they provide standardised reporting with clear and specific information and by using a third party we offer what most agents cannot – an unbiased view as we don’t actually care about the property.

    I know this may raise a few eyebrows but think about it….

    We have no vested interest in the property, we have no affiliation with the tenant, landlord or agent but what we do have is the desire to complete a robust, comprehensive and factual report that can be relied on by the deposit schemes adjudiactors as they are the only ones (in our minds) that really matter as if a claim against the deposit fails it could be down to lack of information so we take great pride in ensuring we don’t miss a thing!

    If we get these elements correct agents will use us again; landlords are much happier with their agents and tenants have no real wriggle room…

    Now if that’s not worth hiring a company such as ourselves really, what is?

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