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    We all know the rediculous cost of paying for Rightmove and Zoopla plus others each month.

    With the launch of OpenRent, lettings agencies might as well just cancel their Rightmove and Zoopla plans and pay £29 inc VAT per property to be listed on all the big portals.  No contracts, no tie ins, no large monthly bills.

    How long will it be until an OpenSale website opens up and allows anyone to list a house for sale for £29 inc VAT.  Then sales agencies could do the same.

    A small Independent office might be paying £1,500 a month on Rightmove and Zoopla to list between 10 and 20 properties a month.  This would save them a fortune even on their busiest months, and when its quite even more!

    When will the portals open their eyes to the fact that these online agents are going to erode their core business in no time at all!

    I have explored a new angle to this in my blog.  Why can’t OnTheMarket or Zoopla offer a same deal for their existing clients.  Pay to be on our portal and we will advertise you on RightMove for only a small extra fee!  Do the big portals realise that either they or online agents are going to go bust soon.  Its time for the big players to get real and support their real client base.


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