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    smile please

    I love tech and always looking to try the latest thing.

    What do agents <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>NOT </span>suppliers think i should be looking at?

    For me i have fallen in love with video email!

    Also like sms,

    Tried a few ipad presenters but did not really take to them,

    What else are people using and would recommend?


    James Morris

    SMS and email alerts are one of the big things at the moment.

    We are working on our software so that when we carry out a valuation we can take an iPad with us, show the client what the details will look like there and then, list the property on our website, RM and OTM there and then and contact any registered clients who may be looking for a similar property there and then.

    It’s taken a while to implement it but we’re getting close.


    Anonymous Coward

    I find that iPads, etcetera just get in the way. The most effective tool on a valuation is me and some paper brochures of property I’ve sold and sitting done and having a nice cuppa.

    Video is definitely the way forward; email and SMS I’ve been using on various software since 2006 (DezRez / Vebra / Jupix).



    I’m also a techie. This year, video email and in house photo editing. Next year, I’ve just ordered the tech to create full 360 virtual reality house tours. Will be via my youtube channel. It’s ridiculously clever. Will be upsold, but has huge potential.

    As for iPad, mine goes with me on every appointment, I find it easier to have any promotional material loaded into iBooks, and photos/screenshots so I can flip between them quickly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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