Foxtons faces possibility of yet another protest this weekend

Class War is due to hold a protest at lunchtime tomorrow (Saturday) at Foxtons in Islington, north London.

The organisation had earlier said it would stage a demo on Wednesday this week but this did not go ahead.

Its site is now saying there will be a women-only protest tomorrow lunchtime, aimed at Foxtons, “male violence” and “police corruption”.

At an earlier Class War protest in Islington, three members of staff at Foxtons were dismissed after allegedly brawling with demonstrators.

According to the Class War website, all charges have now been dismissed against the three. It says that the Crown Prosecution Service has decided not to prosecute because of lack of evidence.

Class War maintains that a woman protester was assaulted in the brawl, which took place outside Boris Johnson’s house.

Women at tomorrow’s demo are being urged to turn up with banners and music.

Foxtons offices have been targeted previously by demonstrators, notably in protests about the so-called gentrification of Brixton. In one protest, the firm employed bouncers.


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  1. Jonnie


    There is going to be a protest about the alledged fistycuffs that they are cross about last time they had a protest involving people that will Foxtons have since sacked and the police aren’t charging…….

    Im assuming that protesting takes a fair bit of effort, needs organising, facebooking, travelling to and all that and somewhere in me I sort of admire people that do it (whilst also struggling to get the Viz character Millie Tant out of my thoughts) but you have to ask the question, is there really nothing more worthy, no cause more important or part of society for deserving that this energy could be spent on?

    They will be holding estate agents responsible for ghastly bits of London getting expensive next!


  2. Woodentop

    You can bet they will have cameras this time around and baiting the staff. This is organised anarchy. I’ll laugh if they turn up and find the office closed. That’s what I would do and film in  secret from across the road for good measure.


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