Going down – sales, new listings and buyer demand all down from a year ago

The number of exchanges was 14.2% down last month compared with September last year, and 0.6% down on August.

In London, transactions measured at exchange were 1.5% down on the month.

The figures are from haart’s own data compiled across some 100 branches in England and Wales.

The agent puts the average house price in England and Wales at £227,336.

It also says that buyer demand is down 6.7% annually and that the number of properties coming on to the market has fallen 14% year on year, and by 2.2% on a monthly basis.


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  1. J1

    I wouldn’t want to be a regional sized or corporate agent with a huge central overhead

    lettings fee ban looming, and a mood amongst some to curtail hidden fees to solicitors, coupled with downward fee pressure from the on-liners

    do these size of firms even break even in house sales anymore?

    the power will move to local high quality personal agents with low overheads in the coming years – providing a better local service with genuine knowledge and experience

    1. WGC

      J1 – I could just as easily say that I wouldn’t want to be a small independent having to navigate the increasingly complex and onerous environment in which we operate – increasingly having to outsource to avoid falling foul of legislation changes and doing so with limited revenue streams, with no economy of scale and overtly dependent on a limited geographical territory – but then to do that would be an equally overly simplistic and partisan view of the world.

  2. Property Paddy

    Our business is up by 14%

    and yes we have a haart down the road from us too.

    What’s that tell you Mr S?

  3. VFMagents

    Their Flink thingamajig is working well then 


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