Landlords’ Barometer – #46: Is there still a place for the small private landlord?

Welcome to my first Landlords’ Barometer following the release of the Housing White Paper. Here is some of our latest content:

Industry reactions to the Housing White Paper

Industry stake-holders including the RLA and NALS give their reactions to the Housing White Paper and landlords also share their views.

Exclusive interview: British Property Federation respond to Housing White Paper

With the rise in institutional investment and with increased Government support of the Build to Rent sector, I asked the BPF if there is still a place for the small private landlord in the future of the PRS.

Energy efficiency 2018 – threat to landlords

It is believed that around one in ten buy-to-let homes will be un-lettable next year unless landlords take steps to improve their properties’ energy efficiency.
New laws that take effect in 2018 will make it an offence to let out properties with the worst energy efficiency ratings. I discuss these threats with John Stewart of the Residential Landlords Association.

Section 24 “Landlords Survival Guide”

In association with Bamboo Auctions and Rental Income Tax Advisors, Property Tribes has produced this guide for landlords on how to survive Section 24 tax changes.

Challenges facing landlords and forcing sale

Find out the three major challenges coming down the pipe that may force landlords to sell up.

Turn £250K into £4.5K a month income through property?

The hive mind of landlords works out if this might be possible and which would be the best strategy to achieve it.

Meet the Housing Minister, Gavin Barwell MP

Want to have your say on Government PRS policies, such as the lettings fees ban? Then go and meet housing minister Gavin Barwell on his UK tour!


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One Comment

  1. Will

    One has to face minister come and minsters go. James Brokenshire caused his fair share of problems with landlords having to check immigration status, now another “here today gone tomorrow” minister and his white paper.  A never ending set of excuses for a housing crisis caused by a succession of bad government decisions over the past few decades. Driven also by many like shelter who shout loud but take no constructive action to solve the housing crisis. They must have all bought up the smoke and mirrors that have been out there!!  Most property professionals know the resolution of the housing crisis can only be the matching of supply with demand. All the tinkering around is like putting sticky plasters over broken bones – has a marginal effect but will not mend the problems.


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