Landlords’ Barometer – #52: Landlord battering set to continue

Welcome to another edition of the “Landlords Barometer” – with all the trending topics that have been engaging landlords on the forum, now ranked by Alexa as the No. 1 landlord community in the UK.

1. The REAL reason for government attacks on landlords

It has finally dawned on me the real reason for landlord hammering and I believe it is set to continue, and probably escalate.

2. Update: I’ve sold 25 properties so far due to Section 24

Portfolio landlord Angela Bryant reveals why she has sold 25 of her 100 rental properties and her plans for the future.

3. BTL lending collapses at Nationwide

Another indicator of the health of the private rented sector, and landlord  sentiment, is how much finance is being taken out. Nationwide has seen a significant drop in landlord lending.

4. The healthiest strategy within the property sector?

From bog standard BTL, to HMOs, to holiday lets, to refurb and sell, there are many strategies for making money in property. This popular discussion looks at the most lucrative strategies for the current market conditions.

5. Should I hold or sell up in the south-east?

This landlord asks for community advice on whether to carry on investing in the south-east or sell up and buy up north.

6. The impact of “accidental” landlords on the private rented sector

As the media hail the demise of the “dinner party” landlord, we look at this demographic to understand their impact on the sector and how they are going to have to raise their game to survive and thrive.

Thank you for reading my column and please do join our discussions and share YOUR views!


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