Lettings business Rentr goes back on Zoopla after review

Lettings organisation Rentr has been allowed to return to listing on Zoopla.

A spokesperson for Zoopla said: “We consulted with Rentr who have agreed to implement changes to adhere to our strict eligibility criteria for advertising with us in order that they comply with our member terms and conditions.”

Adam Blaxter, one of the technology platform’s directors, said: “We are pleased to hear that Rentr Agency Services can continue to make Zoopla advertising available to landlords who reach out to them via Rentr’s platform.

“There is a difference between our free fully-automated platform-only service (Rentr Ltd), which works well for some landlords but does not include Zoopla advertising, and the agency service levels that the RAS team is able to provide.

“It is great to hear that this distinction is starting to make sense to other industry service providers.

“We look forward to inviting other agency services to join our platform as we continue our mission to provide the choice and flexibility that private landlords and tenants deserve.”

The suspension from Zoopla was reported on EYE earlier this month:



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  1. Simon Chan

    UPAD next???? First portal to ban any company clearly subletting the service and turning it into a private listing tool should be banned. Portals are too concerned with “who has the stock” to act…. pathetic.

  2. Totallymoving52

    The future of property sales and letting is online!  This is something that has been coming for years, Zoopla and Rightmove have, to a certain extent tied their own hands by having estate agent clients whom they don’t wish to rock the boat and upset, that’s going to change as the market does in my view!


    I’m sure there’s loads of you out there who disagree, you have done so for the last 5 years (at least) I’ve been banging on about this but who was right now!  I see thousands of people on Facebook Groups selling and renting properties without any third party involvement, this trend is going to continue to grow in my view, in particular as the next generation come along who are much more IT savvy.

    That’s why I’ve launched http://www.totallymoving.co.uk, a free site to allow anyone, agents or private individuals, to list their properties online for free.  This is early stages, but growing daily in terms of followers, users will pick this up soon and why not!


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