Picture of the Week: And just look who’s under the stairs!

Picture of the Week – and it’s Pope John Paul II sitting in the cupboard under the stairs.

The extraordinary sight forms part of the particulars of a property for short-term rent in central London.

Without fear of contradiction, agents Kinleigh Folkard Hayward state: “We make no apologies that this property is not for everyone.”

Very true – given that the rent is £8,000 a week.

But also true given the sheer weirdness of the interior décor and the remains and body parts of dead animals. The murals take a bit of getting used to as well.

Apparently film buffs will love it, though, as this is the home of Roland Emmerich, director of blockbuster hits Independence Day, Godzilla and Stargate.

The slideshow is well worth a flick through.



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  1. PeeBee

    According to the details,

    “A handful of the many gems include a desk made from the wing of a WW2 dekota plane…”

    Oh, dear.

    But that’s okay – their disclaimer covers the gaffe:

    “However, no guarantees for the accuracy of information are made…”


  2. Anonymous Coward

    Why a short let? Making a new film perhaps…?

  3. Michael

    Brilliant stuff!

    At the other end of the spectrum we have just started to market this gem for sale. The location will be popular with locals, but the decorative condition of the house and garden, with items collected over the last 60 years but rarely thrown away, would have been less so; the most cluttered that I, the professional clearers or the local scrap man had ever seen. At some expense clearers have been working on it for several weeks ….


  4. P-Daddy

    Bonkers property….brilliant!! Clearly loves his communist memorabilia.


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