Properties advertised on Rightmove as under offer had actually been sold – ‘human error’ to blame

Two properties listed on Rightmove by a firm called Leftmove Estate Agents were shown as being under offer, but in fact had been sold.

A complaint was made to the Advertising Standards Authority which contacted Leftmove, which has branches in Lancashire.

Leftmove told the ASA that the mistake was due to “human error” and the firm updated the adverts to ‘sold’ status.

An ASA spokesperson said: “Based on this amendment, we considered no further action was needed and closed the case informally.”


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  1. Ric

    Leftmove……… genius.


    erm…… RedBricks? I wonder………..  £1 a share, £5:50 by the end of 2017 and just £795 to list. I’m gunna be rich!

  2. levinyl91

    We have one particular agent who does this for almost ALL of their properties making it look like they have a larger market share! More than 2!


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