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Prop\Tech Weekly #46 – Video messaging with Vox

| Rayhan Rafiq-Omar

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Imagine if you opened an email and instead of there being something to read you saw a face with a play button.

That’s Vox. It allows agents to record a short video instead of typing out text and sends an image from that video with a link via email.

The effect is at once uncomfortable, different and just plain weird.

But then it hit me: it’s also a spark of genius.

I spoke with George Rawlings of Vox to find out more about what he calls “short video messages within your email.”

The product was released almost 2 years ago and sits under the umbrella of Agent Centric, a lead generation and content marketing agency for estate agency.

Rawlings emphasized how emails can often feel “scripted and shiny” and videos so far have lacked the personal touch – most agency usage of video is for walkthroughs and taken from drone cams.

He stated there are “a few hundred branches using Vox to confirm appointments and viewings.”

“It’s quite a different thing. Getting agents to use their phone or web cam to send a video message is a little scary as they’re not used to it. Once they send about 5 videos to client inboxes they find it quite rewarding,” says Rawlings.

Still skeptical, I asked for one of his agency customers to call me so I could find out more.

Instead of a call, I received an email from Tony Ruby of Newton Fallowell estate agents in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

Ruby is a Valuer and the video inside the message was taken in his car between what I would assume are meetings.

And then it hit me: if someone asked me to follow up with someone via email, I’d probably leave it till I was back in the office.

But Ruby very naturally spoke to the camera for all of 30 seconds saying he’d be happy to chat and if I’d be so kind as to call his office to arrange a time to speak.

He could carry on with his day and I wasn’t an item on a to-do list waiting to be attended to.

Rawlings states that agency is a people business and that “your personality is a reflection of your brand.”

The ability to put a face to an email is an incredible leap in professional communication and for this reason Rawlings says “quite a few agents use it religiously.”

He adds that “it speeds everything up. (We) composed a written email – (it took) 1 minute and 21 seconds. Same email took 20 seconds on webcam. A lot more productive. It’s video prospecting, making it personal.”

Agents, according to Rawlings, primarily use Vox for feedback after meetings and calls, to “allow customers to really believe they’re getting a personal service.”

The emails are “sent within an agent’s own branded wrapper” and all the video views are trackable.

The future for Vox includes an integration with REAPIT to “give REAPIT customers the ability to send directly from the system.”

The company also launched “video comments” in Property Industry Eye with a form feature and App going live this week. (See story on EYE here)

“(It’ll be a) little tab that gives you the ability to submit story ideas, a comment or (provide) expert analysis.

Whether or not we’ll ‘see’ more of Peebee – and how this might stoke the egos of regular Eye community members – is something I’ll reserve judgement on for the time being.

To wrap up Rawlings emphasizes that Vox video is “not about property tours, (it’s) real communication in email.”

You’ll notice I didn’t quote further from Tony Ruby, the agent using Vox in Lincolnshire.

It’s best you hear from him (and judge Vox for) yourself: Link

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