So what happens when small children play at being estate agents?

It’s very sweet – and it’s small wonder that three adorable children, aged five and six, posing as estate agents stole the show at Belvoir’s annual conference on Friday.

Sam Martin, Belvoir’s content marketing coordinator, was the brains behind #LittleAgents, which was filmed – completely unscripted – on location at a country cottage in Rutland.

Martin said: “We spent a morning with the children and showed them around the property.

“We encouraged our Little Agents to find good hiding places, think of what different rooms and cupboards might be used for, and to draw us some floor plans and then think about what they might say to someone who could be interested in buying the house.

“The results were hilarious, with storage cupboards that were stacked with bedding quickly becoming ‘sleepover rooms’, and Harry Potter’s under-stairs bedroom picked out as a major selling point.

“The twins were fantastic, and needed no encouraging to hide away with their clipboards and then jump out to scare our prospective buyers!

“We wanted the video to get parents thinking about what their kids love about their home. It was a brilliant day, and our Little Agents did us proud.”


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