Two-day boot camp for independent agents aimed at getting their businesses through tough times

A two-day ‘business growth’ boot camp is being put on for independent estate agents, aiming to help them put simple strategies in place in a tough, low-volume market.

It is being put on by estate agent Perry Power, of Power Bespoke in Reigate, and will be jointly led by Amazon best-selling business author Royston Guest, who wrote Built to Grow.

It is being held at the Hilton, Heathrow, on July 11 and 12.

Places are limited to 50 agencies, and two places cost just under £2,000.

Power said: “Estate agency is going through a big (long overdue) change at the moment and many agency owners are worried. It excites me.

“What better time to completely re-imagine estate agency, get laser-focused on what you do and who you serve, and go out there with complete clarity to ensure accelerated, sustained, profitable growth.

“This is exactly what I did when I read Built to Grow, met Royston and become lucky enough to be coached by him. I’ve applied the Built to Grow framework to Power Bespoke to the letter and Power Bespoke has never been healthier.

“We have a more motivated team, more clarity, higher fees and more importantly, more confidence.

“This is exactly what I want this event to do for every other estate agency owner out there.”

Full details are at:


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  1. Hillofwad71

    Well, Power Bespoke certainly make some big promises on their  site

    A Quicker Sale

    It takes us 39 days to secure a buyer on average. That’s 33 days quicker than the national average.




    Our clients benefit from 100%+ of asking price vs 97% national average. That’s an extra £7,500based on the average house price in the UK.




    1. JamesSGordon

      Not sure I get your point?

      Do you not analyise your results and compare yourself against your competition locally or nationally?

      As a consumer would you not wish to know this?


      1. Hillofwad71

        The point is   that not  many agents achieve over 100% of asking price  unless of course that they seriously undervalue!

        In any event I always  have doubts whether using  sales achieved and asking prices as some sort of yardstick  of  excellence in a changing market has much validity  . There is always the chance of bagging  a special purchaser at  a high price. as well

        1. JamesSGordon

          Disagree… you cannot achieve that one off special price from that magical rich London buyer that all these agents promise just before they back their client into a corner with a 20 week contract… “a house is worth what someones prepared to pay for it”??… no it’s not… it’s worth what the surveyor who walks through the door will let you pay. If you’re paying too much. In this market the surveyor will slap you back down.

          Over valuing costs the uk public hundreds of millions a year in the shortfall between the price they finally achieved and what the would have achieved going on for the right price in the first place before becoming a dead duck… not many agents know that cos all the corperate guys are trained to over value by up 20% when having a big drive on listings.

          If you put the property on for the RIGHT price and that draws in multiple viewers that can cause a bidding war and that’s when people pay a premium price through fear of loss… overprice and you scare everyone away.. then chase the market down. Seeing as 70% of a properties interest is in the first 3 weeks this is a massive risk.

          Seriously under valuing is a different story, using a bait price is not something your going to convince many vendors to do else they may as well stick it in online auction.

          I’ve been a manager for Arun, Connells, Countrywide… anyone with a coperate background needs serious cognitive retuning and would massivly benefit from Perry’s input as would a rusty independent agent stuck in their ways and dropping their pants on fee whilst they think they have to compete with online and falling high street fees.

          Agency has changed vastly in 10 years and sometimes having someone bright and in tune who embraces change and has their own ideas will benefit others.

          I see people winging here about paying £2k… one extra listing from one golden nugget means its paid for itself 3 times over.. unless that’s their average fee in which case they’re in trouble. Fingers crossed for them.

          Perry puts most of his content out there for free on Facebook amd Youtube anyway and has done for years.

          The overiding ethos is transparency… I think anaylsing figures is important… price reduction market share is a great tool too…. helps me get good fees and realistic prices. Seems there’s a lot of agents who have a problem with this but using facts helps consumers make an educated decision when for years agents have just been blowing smoke up their ar*e, lying and winning business off the back of false promises… to the clients detriment.

          Sorry I went on a real tangent and waffled a bit from our original debate lol. Have a good weekend! J


          1. Hillofwad71

            James S gordon

            ” it’s worth what the surveyor who walks through the door will let you pay. If you’re paying too much. In this market the surveyor will slap you back down.”

            Not every buyer  who pays a premium  price is fully bound by the  constraints of a mortgage valuation .The developer who will take a flier on an individual property to secure a position to mop up a few back gardens. A buyer with plenty of equity  who for personal and local  reasons which to purchase a specific property  might be indentifiable by a local agent with his ear to the ground

            Don’t discount the special purchaser .

            A colleague of mine used to raise prices during a poor market knowing that potential buyers with  £250k to spend would be setting their  search to properties in excess of this figure  knowing that they could chip the prices .Everyone loves a deal .Analysing his  ratio of prices achieved to asking would make  a mockery of this yardstick as some beacon of excellence

  2. smile please

    First thing to do to ensure your struggling business survives.

    Don’t pay 2k for a pointless two day course.


  3. surrey1

    Charge 50 people £2k to tell them what they already know and add £100k to the coffers. Got it.

  4. r29woolf

    Perry is an outstanding agent and I’m sure those that attend will see value.
    Video marketing, 99p strategy (that most experienced agents I’ve come across still can’t grasp!), sales Funnell have all been directly implemented as a result of Perry. In two years % achieved has gone up 2% and my average time on market is less than half of my biggest competitor. The clients that I serve are better off as a result of the help I got.
    Some baulked when I paid a similar amount to a mentor to help our main lister. Fees went up 25% and payback has been hundred fold already.
    Go. Don’t go. I don’t care. But arrogant to assume you know it all though.

  5. AgentV

    I think all the answers to the current market problems are already known by other agents within the industry itself. Since I started posting on PIE there are three agents in particular, one posting on the site today, who have give me significant ideas which have helped my business….and I mean really helped!!!

    In return, I have tried to pass ideas I know onto other agents for free through the Ideas Network. If anyone is struggling, needs refreshing ideas to gain new business, has great ideas to suggest or just wants connection with other agents then join in, email us at

    1. AgentV

      Last night I went to a presentation by Gymshark, a Birmingham based company that supplies gym clothing aimed at young people. They have gone from zero to turnover projected at £100 million for this year…within 6 years!!!

      I can’t tell you how much I learned from just listening to their story….and I have been going to free events like this for the last six months, to learn as much as I possibly can.

      We can all learn from each other, when we are willing and able to share our stories. 

      1. Typhoon

        I don’t disagree agent V. What we should not do however, is overthink how hard it is to get better. And like you I like giving good tips away free.

        So here is one. Really, really stupidly simple things that raise the game of customer service are so easy to implement without paying out £2k a session. For example, ring a dozen of your local businesses (not necessarily agents) and record how the answering of their phones made you feel and why. Out of a dozen if you get two that made you feel great about ringing that company you’ve had a mega result. I doubt you will. then ring your own offices incognito and do the same and see what happens Scary sometimes !!!!

        So many companies do a vast amount of their  business on the phone. I always blame the management for not training people to answer the phone brilliantly, Imagine the sigh from the shop floor when you announce a whole training course to teach people to say “Good morning X company how can I help you” better.  God forbid many will say But it’s so necessary.

        Where some paid for courses could help some owners /managers, would be to open up their thinking to the need to think differently to survive going forward, just as your various free sessions have helped you. Good luck.

  6. charlie.wright

    Perry is one of the most impressive agents I’ve met in 20 years. I’ve been working with him since he launched his first agency business. His results speak for themselves, so to the sceptics I would say this: Do your results match his? If not do you think you could learn from an agent who has walked the walk and consistently over delivers to his clients?

    Either you think his performance is fiction, in which case you won’t attend, or you can look at his track record and think “I can learn from this guy” in which case the fee becomes irrelevant.


    Part of the reason Perry has succeeded is because he understands value creation. He makes his clients more money than other agents, hence they pay him higher fees. Finding out how he does that has a value.

  7. tomplatt43

    I have known Perry for sometime, my agency operates in the adjacent area to his. Perry is full of new ideas and is always looking to push the boundaries of agency. It is no surprise to see this new offering, I wish him well! Power Bespoke is held in high regard locally.

  8. TomMcGee80

    Not sure why there is so much negativity about this. Do people not believe in any training or is it simply the cost?

    I can personally say we have invested in training from Perry which has resulted in a 1000 % return of investment (into the sstc pipeline) within 4 weeks. There has also been a noticeable improvement in overall fees and the attitude of staff within the branch.which I suspect is also down to this investment. 

    Also I know of several agents who have got a great deal of value from Perry in the various forums and Facebook groups he is a regular contributor too. 

    I would honestly suggest that those making negative comments take a long look at their business and ask is there genuinely nothing they can improve on before they criticise 

  9. callumb199672

    I used to work for Perry and from seeing what he achieves day to day has made a massive impact on my career. He is such a true inspiration. I was fortunate to get taught by Perry for just over a year and I have learnt so much. It will be well worth to jump onto what Perry has to offer. You’ll be amazed.

  10. Sach4life50

    I am the CEO of a software built for Estate Agents and Perry is one our clients.

    I can vouch firstly for Perry’s passion to create an Estate Agency that will continue to attempt to raise the bar. He is customer centric, and does everything possible to make their experience fluid.

    As a digital and tech guy, I was suprised how much I have learned from Perry myself, his knowledge of tech, facebook marketing and automation has really helped me understand how the estate agency sector can and is evolving.

    Perry is always living and breathing to make things better, for his staff, his business and ultimately his customers. Often we speak out of hours because he has thought of a new idea which may make a massive difference to the customer experience.

    Overall, I work with many Estate Agents through my business and Perry is clearly the most forward thinking. For that reason spending 2 days gaining knowledge from Perry is time very well spent.

  11. samzawadzki48

    If this course helps an agent win more sale instruction surely it will then have returned on the investment?

    From monitoring Perry’s growth over the last year, it’s clear to me that agents going on this course will easily double if not triple their educational investment with new business.


    There will always be those who know complain about others success and see every glass as half empty, but life is too short to bother listening to them.


    For any agents who want to make 2018 their best year yet, sign up, grow your business and get on with being awesome!


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