‘We are watching you!’ Trading Standards warns it will use ‘full legal powers’ against agents flouting advertising rules

Trading Standards has added its voice to warnings from advertising regulators about estate agency promotions.

The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) warned of “repeat problems” with estate agency promotions on Tuesday.

The National Trading Standards Estate Agency Team echoed this warning yesterday, claiming it has long been concerned about misleading adverts in the sector.

James Munro, from the NTSEAT, said: “National Trading Standards has been concerned for some time about misleading adverts in the estate agency sector.

“We have been working closely with the Committee of Advertising Practice and welcome its announcement that it will be taking enforcement action in 2018 to ensure compliance in this sector.

“Misleading adverts are detrimental to consumers and can lead to them being hit with unexpected fees or not receiving the products or services they were led to believe they would. They also undermine confidence in the industry as a whole and unfairly disadvantage estate agents who abide by the rules.

“As the Committee for Advertising Practice’s notice states, National Trading Standards is also the legal backstop for the UK advertising regulatory system.

“Should we receive any referrals from the Advertising Standards Authority, National Trading Standards will not hesitate use the full extent of our legal powers to ensure that estate agency businesses comply with the law.”

A Trading Standards spokesman did not comment on whether any agents were actively being investigated over misleading adverts.


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  1. ArthurHouse02

    As we all said yesterday, we won’t hold our breath.Trading Standards, put your money where your mouth is. I look forward to seeing a report that X estate agents has been fined £*** or had severe punishments enforced upon them. This informally resolved rubbish time and time again doesnt stop anything, but in fact only encourages future breaches as those breaking the law know you won’t do anything serious about it….Trading Standards…We are watching you as well.

    1. AgentV


      Totally agree. Ros, can you make sure we have a review story this time next year to see what has actually happened in the interim period?

      I wonder what odds I could get at this moment in time?

  2. gk1uk2001

    PB have been misleading everyone with their advertising since they opened, so why are they talking about only starting to actually take affirmative action in 2018? Gutless, toothless and spineless the lot of them.

  3. Thomas Flowers

    Shall be interesting to see how PB promote those extras and fee warning in their new adverts commencing January.


  4. Malcolm Barnard

    Will the NAEA or Property Ombudsman be issuing a statement on the recent comments by CAP & NTSEAT? A good time to show some leadership!

    1. gk1uk2001

      I sincerely doubt it!


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