Will the genuine Alok Sharma please stand up! Can you tell the real from the spoof housing minister Twitter profile?

One tweets about beekeeping and the other actually mentions housing, so it may be hard to tell which of the below Twitter profiles of Alok Sharma is real and which is a spoof.

A spoof Twitter profile has appeared pretending to be newly appointed housing minister Alok Sharma, and given his lack of experience in the sector and snub to the influential Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) annual conference, it may be hard to tell the difference.

The fake profile’s biography describes Sharma as a “Cabinet member opposing new housing near hubs of employment. Preserving social class structure. If millennials work harder, one day they can rent from me.”

It has the username @NIMBYAlokSharmaMP, standing for Not In My Backyard, and regularly responds to messages about housing by saying there are enough developments.

It also responds to messages by the real Alok Sharma, @AlokSharma_RDG, by tweeting articles showing him opposing local constituency developments.

Much of the criticism stems from 2011 when Sharma helped conduct a campaign against developer Blue Living attempting to build 750 new homes in his Reading constituency at Tilehurst, Berkshire. Planning was rejected, prompting Sharma to celebrate, stating: “Quite simply this was the wrong development in the wrong place and I hope this puts an end to any plans, by anyone to build on Pincents Hill.”

His failure to turn up to the CIH conference made him the first housing minister in 22 years not to attend.

Can you tell which one is the real Alok Sharma?



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  1. Woodentop

    Where do they get these people from, little or not job experience and they give them the directors job. Would you take a rookie to run your business ? …… No wonder the countries in a mess.


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