Winkworth take on philanthropic instruction where all the proceeds will be given to charity

Winkworth have taken on an unusual instruction – the seller will be giving away every penny from the profit of the sale to charities.

The vendor is a remarkable property developer and philanthropist, Charlotte Grobien, who is the founder and sole employee of ‘Give It Away’.

She typically buys, converts, builds and does up properties  – and then gives all the profits away to small charities in London and Surrey.

So far, £1.7m has gone to a variety of small good causes, all of which are wholly reliant on donations and none of which receive grants of any kind.

Her latest property, priced at £975,000, has just come to the market with Winkworth Chiswick, which will be selling it at a reduced fee. It is a mid-terrace property which Charlotte bought last August and has since been refurbished and extended to provide a third bedroom.

The project was run by a site manager whose daughter had previously been given a complex motorised wheelchair via Whizz-Kidz, one of the charities that Charlotte donates to.

Charlotte said that Winkworth has been “thoroughly engaged with the project from the start”.

Sales manager Michael Cooley said:We are looking forward to this challenge.

“The thought that all the profits from this sale, like all Charlotte’s previous sales, will go to small London charities who provide hands-on support for children and teenagers in difficult circumstances, makes this an exciting and different prospect for the team.

“I am so pleased that Charlotte walked through our door, and we want to help her achieve a swift and profitable sale.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity not only to sell a great property but also to get to know Give It Away and to understand this amazing philanthropic project.”

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  1. AgentV

    Charlotte seems like an incredibly good person. If anyone knows her can they please show her the story of Florence who only needs another £50,000 raising for her live saving treatment. The story is on PIE today.

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    1. AgentV

      I think it’s actually the story immediately above this one

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  2. El Burro

    Winkworths will be selling at a reduced fee? I suppose no fee was a bit too much to ask. Own goal.

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    1. Homefinders Plus

      Ny thoughts exactly! She gives away £1m, they get advertising and still want to charge!

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  3. PeeBee

    Not wanting to pooh-pooh the theme of this article in the slightest, but the title and body text is suggesting that the whole proceeds of the sale is donated to charity – yet the comment from the Agent involved, and my reading of the website, leads me to understand that it is the profits from the project that are donated.

    Someone please openly correct me if I’m wrong – I will be delighted to hear that a cool million is going to such worthy causes… however either way this is a wonderful story of someone ‘giving back’, and building for the future in all senses of the phrase.

    My next point was going to be with regard to the “reduced” Sales Fee – but I see that El Burro has beaten me to the draw so I will leave it with his gun smoking and not mine.

    I’ll simply say “ditto”.

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  4. Grobien08

    Good Morning!  Here are the “facts” directly from me at Give it Away.  For the past 10 years I have been doing this, the total profit I have donated from my property activity is £1.7 million.  I take no salary and no expenses.  Many professionals help the projects pro bono and suppliers are very good about discounts for which I am very grateful as this helps my bottom line.  The construction team are of course paid but as they know why I am doing this I have always found them willing to go the extra 9 yards. The same cannot be said for estate agents – I am lucky if I get a slightly reduced commission. Therefore, yes, all the money is donated after agents commission, and bank loan repayments.

    The sale of 10 Arnott Close will clearly not provide £1million in profit – that made me laugh, but if the sale is good, I am edging towards a total of £2 million slowly but surely.  The Charities who benefit are local London and Surrey, they are small, hands on, needy, without Government support or Royals and Celebrity.  The money I give them is used for projects which we chose together and I am able to participate in this so I am always 100% sure of how this hard earned money is being used!

    Thanks for all the comments and the whole story is on the website

    I need the next project now!  A renovation/refurbishment or a new build preferably in the west/south west of London or Surrey please!

    Thank you

    Charlotte Grobien OBE

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    1. AgentV

      Charlotte ….I love your comments and have huge respect for you. I would sell your properties for free (now and in the future) in combination with some other London based agents if you would consider making a donation in lieu to little Florence’s cause;

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      1. chargrob

        Please see my reply on twitter @chargrob and I will donate to Florence.  Any help you can give me will be gratefully received. Thank you for nice comments!

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        1. AgentV

          Thank you for the donation!

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      2. Nick Salmon, M.D. Property Industry Eye

        Many thanks for donating to Florence’s fundraising Charlotte. And thanks to Agent V for the suggestion.



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    2. P-Daddy

      Well done on your efforts and success so far. Some perhaps splitting hairs on headlines.

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      1. chargrob

        I think the headline gave the impression that Winkworth were being “philanthropic!”  Tis I who am being so, not them!

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    3. PeeBee

      Just caught up with this…

      Thank you for posting clarification, Ms Grobien.

      I trust you took my comment as it was meant to be read, and not as a sleight against the fantastic things you are doing and I wish you every success with future projects.

      It would be fantastic if your appointed Agent could achieve a sale for you at a price of – or even in excess of – the Asking Price in order to maximise the amount you can then add to your phenomenal total-to-date.

      More again, if they were so good as to waive the “reduced Fee” they have so generously agreed with you. Every mickle desperately needed to make a muckle, and all that.

      If you ever decide to do something ‘oop North I’ll guarantee you now I will do every job you entrust to me 100% pro bono – and I wouldn’t even expect any publicity from it.

      And I will close by saying thank you once again – for what you are achieving.

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      1. chargrob

        Thank you very much!  Hope your generosity and philanthropic approach will be noticed down here…

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        1. PeeBee

          Well – I’ve asked them on Twitter to have a look at the fee – let’s see what happens…

          Shy bairns get nowt, Ms Grobin!


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          1. PeeBee

            *Grobien* – apologies

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