A mattress under the stairs – yours to rent for £500 per month

Here’s a sign of the times if ever there was – a cupboard under the stairs with a mattress crammed into it, available to rent at £115 per week or £500 a month, with bills extra.

It is, naturally, in London. And it’s also just off the kitchen.

Prospective tenant Alex Lomax, 23,  put the pictures on Twitter after allegedly viewing the property, in Clapham.

Lomax, a graduate who says she has been looking for somewhere to live in London for a month, wrote: “I have literally just been shown a bed under for stairs for £500 a month. F you London!”

She linked to an advert on the london2let.com website, that lacks a picture, but says: “One single furnished room available.

“We are looking for a friendly, open-minded and outgoing person to join our houseshare in a great period house in Clapham. We’re a good bunch and like to chill out a lot together – not really looking for somebody that just wants to stay in their room. Room comes with a bed. Bills to be shared – approx £60 per month each.”



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  1. Bix006

    “… not really looking for somebody that just wants to stay in their room”. Oh, how I laughed!

  2. agent orange

    I am still laughing! I am thinking of renting my airing cupboard for £400 a month, for vertical sleepers only……

  3. smile please

    Wow just wow!!!!!

  4. Robert May

    Don’t recall Harry Potter whinging like that. There is even room on the floor for the CLG guide to renting.

  5. Bix006

    Turns out it’s a PR stunt for London2Let.com. Cleverly done. Even the BBC put a link up to their website… and I always thought PR was a load of b******s.

    1. smile please

      Take note Mr Ellice, Thats how it should be done!


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