Brexit is just not relevant to our home moving plans, say buyers and sellers

Brexit is not a factor in most people’s decisions to sell or buy a home – but the costs and hassle of moving are holding them back.

Just 1.7% of buyers and 2.7% of sellers say that Brexit has put paid to their plans.

In comparison, 43% of sellers say they cannot afford to move and 33% are staying put because of the hassle of moving.

An independent survey of over 2,000 people conducted for Spicerhaart also found that only a small proportion (7%) are worried about future house prices going down.

Has Brexit had any impact on your decision on whether to sell your home or buy a new one?
No, it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. 75.2%
No, but I am concerned about the impact of Brexit. 16.1%
Yes, I was concerned about selling initially, but it is not an issue now. 3.2%
Yes, I was concerned about buying initially, but it is not an issue now. 1.2%
Yes, I’m holding off selling at the moment because of Brexit. 2.7%
Yes, I’m holding off buying at the moment because of Brexit. 1.7%

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One Comment

  1. Homefinders Plus

    I suppose that it depends how they got hold of the 2,000 people. If they walked into the branch, then clearly most – if not all – are ignoring the Brexit impact.

    If the majority don’t think there is a Brexit impact, then why is the supply of houses for sale (and the number of houses sold) so low at the moment?

    There is no doubt that there WILL be an impact of some sort, be it negative or positive, so who on earth did these people ask, ostriches with their heads in the sand?


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