#DoItForDom: And Dom himself climbs mountains as agents and suppliers show their true courage

Last Thursday, 50 intrepid and slightly nervous property people stood in rainy conditions looking up a mountain that looked to me slightly more daunting than Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings.

Astonishingly all 50 not only made it up but back down again, albeit with levels of chafage that needed 72 hours rest for some of the less alpha male crew.

A huge thank you to everyone here on EYE and from across the industry that have thrown their support behind the #DoItForDom helping Dominic Subbiani and many others in their fight against Huntington’s.

The charity has been in touch to say how much of a difference it will make.

Our organisational consigliere Suzanna deserves special credit for pulling the whole thing together.

The vat of wine she consumed post climb can probably be described as medicinal.

The generosity of the industry has been amazing, from the whole team at FBM, Dom’s agency, through to friends from the Guild, Fine & Country, and RAN all the way through to suppliers keen to show they’re very much partners with rather than suppliers to the people they deal with on a daily basis.

There was a lot of emotion afterwards and not all of it due to Trevor Youens’ tight fitting lycra [Editor’s note: this is rather exciting!] 

As the eternal optimist I knew we were going to do well with this but even I couldn’t have expected just how much people have taken this to their hearts.

We set the goal back in June of wanting to hit the £50k mark and we broke that just before the last story on EYE last week.

I’m delighted to say that thanks to everyone we’ve now smashed that with almost another £15k being raised in the last week amounting now to a total of £64,000 and we’re now going to try and hit six figures before the end of the year.

If you haven’t got involved yet and would like to then please give whatever you can here:


And to prove how that silly disease has chosen the wrong chap to mess with, Dominic not only took part in the climb but finished an hour ahead of a certain rotund unemployed software salesman.

Thank you all so much, both for everyone who have taken part and those who have supported the campaign.

I can tell you it has humbled Dom greatly.


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  1. mbevan

    What an amazing event raising so much money for such a kind and extrodinary gentleman! Thanks to everyone who supported us, now let’s get to 100k! Well done Suzanna on organising it too!

  2. Simon Brown at The ESTAS

    Simon forgot to mention the conditions which were horrendous, in fact it was a close call whether we would be allowed to do the climb at all. Driving rain and thick mist didn’t deter the team (infact it probably helped as we couldn’t see the top of the mountain!). Well done to everyone for making it – a great experience and we made some new friends along the way.

  3. PeeBee

    WELL DONE to all that participated.



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