eMoov ‘suspends’ plans for portal listing after EYE questions if raffle property is a private sale

Online agent eMoov pulled a potential portal listing last night after it appeared to be attempting to show a property on Rightmove and Zoopla that is being sold privately as a raffle prize.

The agent sent out a press release championing its service yesterday, promoting an upcoming listing from a seller who was due to raffle his property as a competition prize at £5 a ticket, but there was no indication of what service eMoov was actually providing.

The press release was then recalled.

The agent had said the seller had chosen eMoov due to its low fees and the ability to get his property shown on Rightmove and Zoopla.

An eMoov spokesman initially said: “We are acting as the agent inasmuch as he has listed with us, but he doesn’t require any viewings or offer progressions service so our involvement is limited to listing the property for him.”

EYE questioned whether this is technically a private sale, which is not allowed on the portals, as it was being run on a separate raffle website.

Another eMoov spokesman then thanked us for raising the issue, and said the property would be held back while clarification was sought from the portals.

The spokesman said: “Rightmove wants to run it past their data team but we are hoping there is no issue as they do occasionally allow listings of this nature, and as this is for a very good cause and not personal gain they are hoping they are able to help.

“We are also looking to put the listing up but the mechanics at the moment mean it pushes automatically to the portals.”

It is unclear what previous listings of this nature Rightmove has allowed.

EYE also queried if the seller would have his fee refunded if the listing isn’t allowed, but it later transpired that eMoov was planning to refund it anyway as the raffle was for charity.

Some house raffles are only legal if they are raising money for charity.

A Zoopla spokesman confirmed EYE’s suspicions that such a listing wouldn’t be allowed on the portal, and Rightmove has said the same.

Late yesterday, eMoov sent out another message saying the listing had been suspended as the vendor “has encountered some issues with the pay function on the destination site and so is unable to launch the competition as planned”.

There was no mention of the portal issue.


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  1. Chris Wood

    “It is unclear what previous listings of this nature Rightmove has allowed.”

    Oh, I think most agents have a pretty good idea…

  2. Millhouse86

    Good to know Rightmove Data quality are looking into it, we should have an answer in 6-8 weeks!

  3. cyberduck46


    Can somebody explain to me the serious issues of concern here?

    1. Chris Wood

      Rightmove (and Zoopla) is contractually bound not to accept private adverts nor to allow agents to permit private advertising.

      1. cyberduck46

        So a single case would be a trivial matter then?






        1. Russell121


          They’ll advertise anything.



          1. cyberduck46

            Must have flown under Chris’ radar because it’s not an online agent.


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