Rats! Eviction company faces criticism for comparing tenants to household pests

An eviction company has faced criticism from tenant groups and landlords over a Facebook advert that appeared to compare renters to vermin.

Remove A Tenant, which helps landlords with tenant evictions, has admitted it made an error in using an advert on Facebook that asked “Are your tenants household pests?” above an image of cheese.

The advert prompted outcry from groups such as Shelter which said: “We were amazed this advert was posted – it’s beyond unacceptable to see tenants being compared to rodents.”

The advert, shown below, also received negative responses in the comments underneath the image.

Speaking to EYE, Mike Turner, director of operations for Remove a Tenant, said the image had been used on marketing material years ago that had been approved by a previous director and would no longer be used.

He said the advert had been arranged by an external marketing company and approved by Facebook, adding: “We have never had negative comments about this in the past when it has been used on flyers or emails. We had no reason to think anything like this would happen.

“We were not making generalisations about tenants, we were posting a question aimed at landlords.

“In hindsight, social media was the wrong forum to do this.”

What do you think of the Facebook ad?


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