Ex-Foxtons agent in bid to raise £450,000 for new property firm

A property company run by a former Foxtons agent is attempting to raise £450,000 via crowdfunding.

Goodlord, which describes itself as an online platform for managing the full tenancy process for agents, is headed by CEO Richard White.

In its pitch, Goodlord says that £450,000 would represent 20% equity in the company. It had originally said the total would represent 13%.

The company handles all paperwork and payments digitally and allows for e-signatures and says that Goodlord can be fully integrated into existing back office systems.

It also claims to reduce tenancy agreement paperwork time to 15 minutes.

There are no monthly subscriptions. Prices for using Goodlord start from £0, going to £299 as a one-off payment, and then bespoke packages.

In its Crowdcube pitch, the company estimates its market to be worth over £750m and says it has already processed more than £2m in tenancy transactions and is being used in 25 offices.

When we last looked, there were 27 investors raising just over 10% of the target, with 37 days out of the original 40 still to run.

The Crowdcube website is here

Goodlord is here


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  1. wilko

    Will it cause any disruption in this sector?

  2. goodlord

    We certainly think so. But then we would say that! So that’s why we made this video… https://vimeo.com/109432494


    1. PeeBee

      How’s about you give us a quick rundown as to the £2.25 million ‘valuation’ on the business – whet our appetites, so as to speak…

      1. goodlord

        Really good question. Join us now on CrowCube where we have answers for this and more.


        1. PeeBee

          Nah… actually, checking out your own website is information enough, thanks.

          But here’s another good question for you.  Any reason why the only two endorsements you feature are from employees of the same company?

          With such mahoosive market value your client portfolio stretches far further than one, surely, who would be prepared to sing your praises?

      2. wilko

        Pee Bee ….they estimate their market to be worth c £750m so £2.25 m seems a reasonable guesstimate for crowd funding purposes.

        1. PeeBee

          So… you’ll be chipping in I take it, wilko?

  3. samuel.fitz

    I’ve been using this system in our central London branch as well as our other 11 and it’s made a huge difference to our efficiency throughout the business. The guys behind Goodlord are all experts at what they do – the future is massive for this business.

    1. PeeBee

      Yeah… I already get that – I read it on their website.

      You are one of the two ‘endorsements’ they feature – with the other one from one of your co-workers.

      Maybe you would like to communicate this to the people you are plugging like a mad rabbit – WHO, APART FROM THIS LOT, DO YOU ACTUALLY DO BUSINESS WITH?

      One firm of “clients” does not a successful proposition make…

      …especially not when your company just happens to appear to share offices with them.

      Over to you, ‘Goodlord’ – or Samuel.fitz-whassname… or whoever wants to be your mouthpiece for that matter.

      You’ve gorn schtumm on me.

  4. goodlord

    Hi PeeBee,

    It’s amazing to have our clients talk about us like Sam has. He’s one of the stars of our video too.

    We have clients across the country, from Portsmouth to Newcastle, with 5 new agencies joining us this week alone thanks to great articles like this one.

    We’d like to thank you for your interest in the project, and if you’d like to see for yourself if Goodlord lives up to the hype it would be our pleasure to show you!

    Best Regards,




    1. PeeBee

      Funny, really – ye’s cockerknee lot divvent understand a bliddy word we say when us Geordies talk ter yas – but I made sure I types in best Queen’s English so you would not have the language barrier to overcome.  Let’s have another go…

      I said WHO are your other clients, Goodlord – not where might they be based.

      Look forward to reading the rave reviews of your offering from those Newcastle-based agents you refer to (assuming they are ones that I know and would trust…) – as until then you’ve got a major disbeliever on your hands.

  5. PeeBee

    My entry for “Irony Of The Week”, Ros –

    ‘goodlord’ posts a link above to their video entitled “What do you think about Goodlord?”

    Below the video, in pretty red writing:

    “Sorry, comments have been disabled by the owner of this video.”

    My sides are still aching…

  6. Robert May

    Do I take it this one gets a big fat No  from you Peebee?

    1. PeeBee

      The jury is out, Robert – due to lack of evidence from those who have put themselves in the spotlight.

      It’s not looking good, I have to say…

      I’m setting aside some time to Rummage4 more info myself.

      Thanks for giving me that ability.

      1. Robert May

        The connections it can make between seemingly un related bits of internet is quite staggering.  Throw two names in, then look through the social media sites or use a  catchphrase term or witisism and you’ll be surprised what  falls out the bottom of the www.

  7. PeeBee

    May 28, 2015 at 6:44 pm  – I said WHO are your other clients, Goodlord – not where might they be based.

    May 30, 2015 at 11:00am – so far BOT ALL received in response – from a company who want to tell the world, via EYE, how great they are; how their product lives up to the “hype”; why we should all numptyfund them and then buy/rent/use their services… ghostly silence speaks volumes I would suggest.

    How many times a week do we need to be force-fed billshut by these “game-changers”; the “disrupters” and the Bakers of the new Hovis?  I’m certainly feeling like I’ve got a serious wheat allergy with this particular doughball – and they ain’t giving me any other diagnosis for my symptoms!

    They all claim to be “the future”.  What they forget is that one phrase pulled from the past sorts the gold nuggets from the snake-oil for once and for all:


    Call me a diplodocus – but it’s a great leveller, innit!


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