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    I am not opening a debate about whether we should stay or leave. I simply want to know who of the Leavers would change their vote if given a chance.

    Did you vote to Leave in the referendum but now, with hindsight, would vote Remain?



    And for Brexit balance – did you vote Remain but would now vote Leave?


    smile please

    Voted leave. Still want to leave.

    Its more of an independence issue i have. Would rather a ‘messy’ divorce with short term pain but ultimately long term gain.

    Immigration, NHS to me is all smoke and mirrors. Anyone that voted leave for those reasons (need their head testing) but would probably vote differently now.


    Property Money Tree

    If we hadn’t already voted, I would still vote Remain, this is because we were in a very strong position in the EU, and I believe in the EU.

    If we had to re-vote, I would vote Leave.  This is because the strong position that we had (that I thought we should preserve) has now been decimated, and can never be regained.  If we stayed in the EU now, it would make no sense, after all we’ve lost.  If we must swallow that bitter pill of economic agony for c. 5 years, then so be it, because once we have, we will surely (hopefully) be in a better position than if we rejoined now (but I believe, a worse position that we had before the vote).



    voted leave then, would vote leave now

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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