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    I don’t believe so, allow me to explain ūüôā

    I regularly have this debate with one of my Sales Managers, he will proudly stroll in having “sold” a house.

    I simply state you have sold a three bedroom semi to somebody who wanted to buy a three bedroom semi, you merely introduced them to it, opened a door, nothing more.

    He then tends to swear a lot and will defend his selling skills pointing out what was said on the viewing and how he told them they could do this, do that etc and that they wanted a big garden and this one has a small garden.

    I will then pick a car garage lets go with Aston Martin for this example. If I go to Aston Martin to buy a car and I leave with an Aston Martin, did the saleperson sell it to me…….they can’t sell me what¬†I already wanted, perhaps it might not have had electric windows, but I got aircon instead, its the same with houses.

    He then swears a lot more.

    So I ask if he got the FS or Solicitor lead, tbh more often than not he will get the FS, so I say “Congratulations, you sold something!” they didn’t come in for that.

    He then sulks, and probably puts additives in my tea.

    I did get him some business cards printed up once with “Chief Introducer” as the title, amazing how messy 500 business cards can get, I’m still finding them now!

    When it comes to property I believe it’s about knowing your clients, not selling, anyone else agree or am I waaaaaay off the mark?

    PS: I’ve know him for 20 years, he was my best man, I was his, so I’m not the demotivator I might sound ūüėõ



    Spot on Gump. The skill of ‘selling’ a home to a buyer lies primarily in listening and questioning, sorting wants from needs, then matching properties to the core requirements. Probably the last word that should be used to describe an agency sales person is ‘negotiator’.



    @ GUMP – I’ll start by saying that a house needs to be marketed right and therefore the agent doesn’t need to ‘sell’ it.

    But is the marketing classed as selling?


    We have a lot of success by just knowing the buyers.

    We spend a minimum of 10 minutes on the phone to the prospective viewers and we qualify their needs rather than their wants and find the perfect home.  My boss is fantastic at this, last week she was called by a lady who wanted to buy a 3 bedroom semi in the centre of the city (small city) instead after talking to my boss they decided to see a 2 bedroom bungalow in the next town over.

    They bought the bungalow – it was what they needed and when they were in there they saw the potential of the property.¬† Even this isn’t selling, even though they never wanted the bungalow to start with the property was everything they asked for and NEEDED.¬† It gave them all they need and offered everything they wanted whether immediately or with a little bit of DIY.

    I’m with you guys on this – a good agent doesn’t sell he matches – bad agents have to sell the properties as they need to mould the buyers to the property as they don’t listen to what the buyers need.

    ALSO Рby knowing your clients you end up wasting less time viewing properties that will never suit.  10 minutes on a call to ask these questions can sometimes save me 2 hours of my day with getting ready for the viewing, 30 mins there, 30 mins inside and 30 mins back. writing the feedback, talking to the homeowner organising etc.

    by doing your job well you do less work



    @agencyinsider Ah yes, negotiator he can have, but strangely doesn’t seem to want that on his cards anymore lol


    @clarkuk Marketing is the initial introduction as opposed to the sell I think, but yes are quite right, do your job well and you do far far less work. If only everyone applied that principle!



    smile please

    I have been in the business close to 20 years and i have never “Sold a house”

    What i have done is sell a viewing.

    Every house sells itself. You cannot get somebody to change their mind about a property, you can point out you can refurb this that or the other or extend but holds little weight.

    The true skill is calling out and getting a viewing on a property they have not seen or previously rejected.



    @smile Very true indeed!

    I will be directing him to this thread shortly!

    At which point he will probably say, “so this is what you do all day”



    I love this thread already!

    Somewhere on EYE (and probably on the bog door of the other pub as well) I have at least once said that I have never sold a house Рbut I have been involved in the sale of thousands.

    Back in the day, someone thought it a jolly idea to¬†appoint me¬†as¬† ‘Regional Sales Trainer’.¬† Not a bad idea, in fairness – I can hold my own, as Maverick said to Charlie and look what happened there – the cat got the canary and they all lived happily ever after so what could possibly go wrong? thought I and my superiors.

    So I brushed up on my Neuro-Linguistic Programming; got my Objection Handling and Closing Techniques off to a fine art – and strode into the ‘classroom’ ready to blow my delegates away and change their worlds.

    And I did…¬†with only¬†my opening sentence¬†– just not in the way that my Corporate Masters had intended.

    Apparently, “Let’s get one thing straight – you can NOT sell anyone a house that doesn’t want to buy it” isn’t what they had expected me to serve up for starters – never mind main course and dessert made of the same ingredients.

    I was not asked to train again.¬† I was labelled ‘dangerous’.

    Seems that this particular¬†truth is a bitter pill to swallow with some…

    That, simply put, we help people to make their decisions.

    A¬†job¬†far, far more difficult; more¬†complicated and downright harder, than mere ‘selling’.

    In my opinion, no ‘salesman’ could be a good¬†Estate Agent – but even an average¬†Estate Agent could ‘sell’ pretty much anything, to anyone.

    They just choose not to.¬† They don’t want the easy option.



    28 years, and I’ve never ‘sold’ a house to anyone. People buy houses, agents don’t ‘sell’ them. It’s an emotive purchase, a people business, not a sales business.

    Salesmen and women make the worst agents, often because they just ‘don’t get it’

    IMHO, same applies with weekly, monthly¬†‘targets’.

    List x houses this week?  Sell x houses this week?

    “The cow doesn’t get fatter by keep weighing it!”

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    Its a well known fact isnt it?….. the only selling in Estate Agency is the job the valuer/lister does, that is when you need your best ‘salesman’. The product we all sell is ourselves and our ability to ‘introduce’ the best buyer for our client. (Leaving aside fs etc)



    Everyone agrees, thats got to be an EYE first!



    Nah… we usually agree about those chancers; charlatans and snake-oil salespeople who try to leech off our¬† industry as well, Gump! ;o)



    The house sells itself for sure.

    I think the most an agent can do is convince someone of the benefits, but you can never sell a house to someone who does not want it.

    Renting however, I think an agent could sell a contract, but that’s more of a question of personality, did you know most people when being cold called will buy from the person, if at all, not on the merit of the product. (of course the merit also sells the product, but you get the idea haha)




    @peebee Ha! True, but I have always had a soft spot for game changing disruptors!

    @jj They do say that sales people are the easiest people to sell too, I’ve got about 12 PPI claims going at the moment, but luckily I wont have to rely to heavily on the payouts as a Zimbabwean CEO acting on behalf of his government is about to give me $12,000,000 which I am very much looking forward too!

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