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    Prediction, if I may, of a new word entry in the Oxford English before 2020:

    #CONmisery (Verb) Kon-miz-urr-ee

    Fairly self-explanatory name for that sinking feeling a disgruntled homeowner will experience when their home fails to sell having been hoiked up on a couple of portals and left to its’ own devices ‘cos “It’s all done online now, innit” – and they realise that the money they have paid/signed a Credit Agreement to pay in the coming weeks/months for what the Call-Centre Agent openly advertsed as “SELL YOUR HOME FOR £***” has bought them a goodly chunk of diddly squat and certainly not the three opening words of that claim.

    Agents – it needs YOUR help to get there.  The more you use it – the better chance it has of making it onto the page with the header Con – Con

    Let’s get busy, folks! Tweet… Blog… Shout from the Town Square if you have one – tell the unsuspecting what they need to know:

    #CONmisery IS avoidable



    We need evidence of examples of ‘online lister’ completed sales to carry out some research….if anyone has any please post a link to the land registry confirmation.


    Frown Please

    AgentV do some work for yourself for once? Instead of asking for drip fed numbers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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