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    Check this out:


    You can go wider and search all properties in LS10 as well. You’ll see the same trend…

    Purplebricks seem to be not only the most popular agent but also the most successful.

    Any thoughts on why & how it has happened?

    Do we need an emergency training squad sent out to the local agents to help them stop the rot.

    Do you think it is the property type, city center location and potential relative youth of the vendors that have conspired to provide PB with a breeding ground for dominance?

    Should other city center agents be worried?

    I’ve not seen this before so just interested to hear what others make of it.




    I’m actually more surprised at the number of TOTAL Call-Centre Agent listings than just of the sum of one.

    Fairly okay on why you think they’re TOTP in terms of ‘popularity’ – but I’d be interested in how you are measuring “success”?

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    Hi PeeBee,

    I’m just looking at the % of the PB stock that is “sold stc”…I’d feel happier if they were all simply “for sale” but alas they are not.

    What the heck is going on!

    The local boys need a good talking to.

    What do you think o sage one?



    Just had a count….

    PB have 20 props total stock (50% are sold stc).

    Hat tip (reluctantly).


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