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    Firstly, let me apologise if this is in the wrong thread!

    I was just looking for some advice from some wiser heads if at all possible. (no offense intended) I currently work for a small independent company in an office where we are market leaders. I’ve taken the plunge and put my hand up to move to a brand new office (still with the same company) but in an area I know very little about. I just wondered if there was any advice or pointers anybody could pass across to become confident in a new area?


    Any help would be much appreciated!


    smile please

    You will be fine,

    I have done it many times in the past.

    In the old days was difficult, had to buy paper maps of the new area to find roads, these days google, sat nav its easy.

    Just find out your competition, and learn the better ares of the new patch and try and establish yourself there. Oh and get as many boards up as quickly as possible, try sponsoring a Christmas fair and if the parents have a board up at their house donate a couple of quid to the school

    best of luck



    Wow, this original post brings back memories…….I remember the most important things for me were to learn the main roads, the location/access to transport links and where the good schools are.

    These are important not only for buyers, but when you are carrying out market appraisals as well.

    I remember it being a bit daunting but things will work out if do a little preparation work about the area and have a good work ethic.

    Good Luck and post how you get on.



    Preparation is key, do your research.

    One trick I was told was when you are about to move to another area is: Phone up another agent and ask about their best BUY-TO-LET property, and what would be the bonus of buying in this area or that area.  They will tell you loads about the areas appeal to renters and buyers and once you have this off each agent you already have a pretty good view. This makes up a cheat sheet to get you through all the early local enquiries.  After that if you talk to the buyers about what they want and like it becomes second nature.

    I almost forgot, get your portal notifications set up well in advance to tell you what has recently been sold, look at what has been added and removed.  this is important when you et there you will already have a bit of knowledge of prices and areas that are selling faster than others.  It all helps.




    Afternoon all. I just thought I’d catch up and let you know how everything’s going 1 month into my new office.

    I won’t lie, I’m still very much getting to grips with the area,prices etc. We’ve been doing a lot of canvassing which has been great for getting out and familiarising myself with all the road names. I’ve managed to pinpoint the 3 most popular areas in the town so when people come in asking about which schools are the best and how long does it take to get the station, I’m able to talk to them confidently. I’ve still got a lot to learn and a lot left to prove but I’ll keep pushing on.

    Thank you for everybody’s help, it was incredibly helpful for me when getting started. Here’s to a fresh start and a successful career!



    Learn about the schools, read the reports.

    Learn about the best pubs

    Learn about the leisure facilities

    Learn about the supermarkets

    When appraising the homes, ask them what they liked about this house and its location. Why did they buy there.

    Understand your competition

    Target homes that have been on the market 12+ weeks with a switch offer..

    GO AND KNOCK DOORS YOURSELF in the evening and on the weekend. Introduce yourself explain you are new to the area and would love to work with them.. People like new particularly if they are not happy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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