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    I have always thought that, given the choice, it’s slightly better to turn up late to a party than to be early. Turning up late can be fun. The other  should already be there, already be acquainted and possibly already slightly inebriated. Turning up late means a bit of an entrance, lots of cheers and yays and more often than not, a round of saucy comments about timekeeping. Watching other people, two or three alcoholic beverages ahead of you is always a giggle, as is playing catch up.

    Being early is quite different. You have the awkward silences after you have exhausted your small talk repertoire with the host and/or the limited number of people that also chose to turn up too early. You might even have to help to, god forbid, blow up balloons, hang decorations or any other number of menial tasks. Then, you run the risk of peaking too early. Instead of being the one watching others get slowly wasted, you become the one who is in front. Not being one whom can hold their drink, being early normally does not end well for me.

    With that in mind, as I write now, I find it odd that I was an original Gold member of OnTheMarket. I like to think of myself as a natural disruptor with a slight, hippie bent. So, the promise of OTM, as told to me by the charming Aussie lady sales-rep, sent my disruptor-sense tingling. Here was a property portal that was not only going to save my company money but also stick it to the man! No more would the Rightmove duopoly exist and those evil corporations would feel the mighty force of us agents across the land as we joined together in one voice and shouted “NO, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH RIGHTMOVE WITH YOUR BLOODY SEEMINGLY CONSTANT PRICE INCREASES”.

    The multi-million pound advertising campaign sounded amazing as did various other promises that were made to me. I was in. I was in for Gold. I was even in as a lender. I was, in case I never made it clear, all in.

    My office windows were adorned with OTM marketing material and my staff sold the OTM message to our vendors. I remember positing on property forums telling other, not-quite-so-patient agents, to remain positive. Change was a-coming. I supported OTM in every way possible.

    Yes, I am sure you noticed the past tense dear reader, as I now feel I can no longer support OTM. What has happened in the last 12 months to dent my confidence? Sadly not a great deal.

    The advertising campaign does not seem to have continued with its initial vigour. I have had no contact from my account manager. In fact, I don’t even know who my account manager is and OTM themselves seemed to have trouble locating them. I have had no feedback about our stats. I have had very, very few enquiries. And then, I reached out to a couple of agent Facebook groups I am on and discovered that. worse still, I am paying 8 or 9 times as much as some agents.

    I was outraged. I understand that some areas may cost less, but even in prime areas like Islington and Knightsbridge other agents are paying one fifth of what we are being charged. How can that be fair? How can an early supporter be penalized for being just that?

    So, enough is enough and yes, I get the irony of using the very phrase we were going to shout from the rooftops to ZooplaMove and tell it instead to OTM. I have tried, god I have tried and so, I can say with some certainty, it’s not me, its you. Your promises, OTM, have not happened. I have supported you and in return I got to heavily subsidise your penetration attempts into other areas.

    As a small, independent company I can simply not allow this to continue. I believe that OTM have broken promises that were made to me in the very beginning. I believe that the sales-rep misrepresented certain factors and as such I have cancelled my advertising with OTM.

    If you are currently paying £50 or £100 per month with OTM then I totally get why you will continue using OTM and I hope that your business flourishes. I also hope that OTM eventually does get the foothold it deserves and delivers on the promise it made to me and other agents. Until that time, having arrived early, had a few too many, ill  apologise for my terrible dancing, make my excuses and leave.

    I look forward to hearing other agents opinion, from those that were on OTM and have subsequently left, those that never joined and those that are sticking with it. And, of course, PeeBee 🙂

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    So… when exactly did you make/take this decision to cancel advertising with OTM?


    Thomas Flowers

    Have you ever been to a party where you and many other friends take lots of booze only to run out half way through the night as a few of your hosts work mates didn’t bring any?

    Then, when all the booze had gone, these work mates, caused a fight, then ran off to another party around the corner where there was even more free booze?

    Leaving the host and many proper friends rather upset, out of pocket and wanting to leave the party?

    I still like to go parties, if they are organised right?


    smile please

    I can see why you are upset, I had many reservations joining but i did earlier in the year and yes the heavily discounted rate was what made me join.

    However, it is only a year discount and if at time of renewal it increases to the ‘Standard Rate’ i will also be departing.

    Will i go back to Z? – No OTM has shown we only really need RM – We have embraced the beast and now have an account with all the bells and whistles and all the extra homepage guff.

    OTM has achieved the exact opposite of what it set out to.



    This is all really sad…..I really want OTM to succeed, but the way they have gone about it is preventing me from joining. They need to change their offering and do it now…..before it is too late!!!



    If OTM want to succeed I believe Ian needs to back down over the ‘one other agent’ policy. Give consumers and agents the choice. Having recently bought a £1m in the Home Counties I can honestly say OTM did not feature in the search. Consumers, our very life-blood do not easily stumble across the site.

    However, as Zoopla continues to monetise more and more, the consumer will undoubtedly turn away from them. If OTM are still going at this point they may stand a chance to fulfill their original vision.



    Innit funny… bloke requests a “friendly debate” – kicks one off (ignoring the one I opened for the very purpose) – and then goes all shy and retiring on us.

    So basically he simply wanted to gob off unchallenged.

    Probably for the best – the questions would no doubt have been… awkward.



    PeeBee, I am unsure as why you seem so bitter towards me.  I am very sorry that I dared to start my own discussion thread.

    A debate, as I understood it, is where two sides sensibly discuss a topic or opinion. One side normally pro and one anti. As no one has actually posted a positive view of their experience with OTM, there did not seem to much point in me responding.

    A little insulted that my carefully crafted original post is deemed to be “gob(bing) off” but hey-ho, I suppose it takes all sorts.

    If anyone has anything constructive to add about the merits or otherwise of their time with OTM, I would love to hear it.

    Having spoken to a number of people within our industry, it seems that OTM have actually strengthened RM’s position. What do you think?



    Not bitter towards YOU in the slightest, Sir.  I don’t ‘do’ personal grudges.

    But your posts pretty much tick every box in the list of things I like to challenge.

    You state that “<span style=”color: #404040; font-family: Lato, sans-serif; font-size: 14px; line-height: 21px;”>As no one has actually posted a positive view of their experience with OTM, there did not seem to much point in me responding.”</span>

    So you chose to ignore a direct question.  What kind of ‘debate’ are you used to engaging in, Sir?

    As far as ‘gobbing off’ goes – whilst I note your attempt at mock hurt and respond with mock remorse – I’m sowweeee… but the reality is that ‘gobbing off’ is more than a fair description of both your opening post above, and of those in the original thread to which you now wish to enter into selective debate about.

    BUT… then you ask my opinion.  Do I think that OTM have strengthened RMs position?

    No, they haven’t.  They offered a solution.

    Those that have strengthened RMs position are those who pay to list on it – and I have to admit to being one of those at fault in this respect.  As are you.

    Those who have strengthened RMs position are those who have abandoned OTM. If this was a game of own goals – you’re 2:1 down, Sir

    Those who have strengthened RMs position are those who gob off about ‘broken promises’ – and then break a Contractual Agreement. There’s yer hat-trick of own goals – and you’ve only had three touches of the ball.

    I reckon I can get you into double figures by half-time if you want me to continue…



    Offering a solution and providing a solution are two, very different things…

    Yes, for those agents stepping away from OTM, they are contributing towards a self-fulfilling prophecy but for the reasons I have listed above, I feel that OTM have really engineered the current situation.



    “…for the reasons I have listed above, I feel that OTM have really engineered the current situation.”

    Because they haven’t plastered themselves over every TV channel at every opportunity?

    Because they have offered a cut-down version of subscription at cut-down prices in order to increase stock and custom?

    Because they gave you an over-ambitious sales pitch?

    You’re having a laugh.  And it’s on you, Sir.

    I gave AM/OTM a harder time pre-launch than you could ever hope to aspire to getting close to imitating.  I have issues – BIG issues – with them now.

    But – as a conscripted… more like press-ganged… Gold Member, I now direct my efforts into making it a success.

    I readily accept that there are many who simply can’t stand any heat whatsoever and make a bee-line for any opening in the kitchen that leads out and into relative cool and safety.  But to then try to blow the whole house down with all the huff and puff of an asthmatic octogenarian just stinks of bitterness and desperation.

    If you’d REALLY wanted to put right what was wrong; to give OTM a fighting chance to accomplish what you say you joined for in the first instance – then you’d have stayed and fought from within to force change.

    But, instead – you bailed.

    Fight or flight – your choice.  You chose not to fight.  Whether that choice sits comfortably with you – now or in the future – is something only you will know… and maybe one you should be keeping to yourself instead of broadcasting the fact that you ran out on a Contractual Agreement.

    Or, as you prefer to have it referred to, you “…have cancelled my advertising with OTM.”

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    The thing is I did fight. I fought despite the fact that I was misrepresented various facts about OTM (facts that shall remain private for now). I fought for two years despite none of our vendors having heard of OTM. I fought despite the fact that enquiries and valuations dropped (by a known percent to me) compared to Z. I am neither bitter nor desperate but, like the many 100’s of other agents who also have an issue, am no longer prepared to support a, currently, failing business model.

    I agree there are many that can not stand any heat. I am not one of those. I may well tell you one day how I removed a very senior ARLA official from my employment one day…

    How have your enquiries faired PB? What issues, BIG issues, do you have with OTM?



    Good try – but unlike you, I deal with my gripes with those that I have them with – I don’t broadcast them – and especially not to those who would seek to capitalise on them.

    When you were fawning over AM I was one of its’ biggest objectors – there are hundreds of posts in EYE and EATs archives.

    I have said this openly before, so I will say it again to you.  I was not a willing conscript.  I remain today an ‘on the fence’ Member.

    BUT, as a Member, I will defend it with everything I have.  I will strive in my own way, in my own little corner of this land, to make it a success with others who share the same goal.

    It’s a pity that you and what you claim to be “100’s of other agents” apparently move your goals to suit the direction of every kick, instead of concentrating on improving your aim.

    I find it amusing to say the least that despite having bailed out… and now wishing to be so ‘vocal’ about it, you retained the OTM logo on your company website for several months.  It was only removed last week – no doubt as a result of someone having an “issue” with it… which probably did you a favour based upon your most current opinion of the site.

    You will no doubt claim that your enquiries and “valuations” increased as a result of it disappearing.

    Unless you wish to continue – knowing that I’m not going to stock your armoury for you – I think we’ve exhausted the topic now.

    Your choice.



    I was hoping for an open debate but you don’t seem willing to be open at all. Perhaps someone else will have something meaningful to add to the discussion.



    “I was hoping for an open debate but you don’t seem willing to be open at all.”<b></b><u></u>

    No – you asked what my issues were.  Don’t expect me to feed you, Sir – I have stated that will not happen.

    “Perhaps someone else will have something meaningful to add to the discussion.”<b></b><u></u>

    Meaningful to who?  Unless it’s negative, it is counterproductive to your intended purpose.



    I have no intended purpose. Sounds like projection Mr Bee.

    I would as happily hear from agents who have had an amazing experience with OTM as those that have not. Hence, open debate. I may have mentioned that before…



    From your “carefully crafted original post“:

    “I look forward to hearing other agents opinion, from those that were on OTM and have subsequently left, those that never joined and those that are sticking with it…”

    Nice that current Members get an afterthought mention.

    You will note that the vast majority – of any camp – are not rising to your bait.



    Bait. Gobbing off. Intended purpose. Huff and puff. Is your language intentionally inflammatory? Do you just want a fight for fights sake? I am sure people are getting sick of our exchange. If you have anything meaningful to add to the original question, please, feel free. Otherwise, perhaps someone else could have a turn to speak?!



    ” Is your language intentionally inflammatory?”

    It gets a response.  You should try it – your party antics seem to have resulted in no invitations coming your way to any decent shindigs.

    “…perhaps someone else could have a turn to speak?!”

    The floor is open to anyone who wishes to post – as it has been since the second you opened this ‘debate’ thread.

    Looks like it’s just us.

    I’ll throw you the same line – when and if you have something meaningful to say – that isn’t based on needing self-justification for walking away from your Contractual obligation to AM/OTM – feel free to post it and I’ll give it my attention.

    In the meantime – PeeBee out. It’s your party – you cry if you want to.



    Is this exchange supposed to help attract new members to OTM?

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