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    the message

    Will be advertised on  OTM


    Quick poll

    1 who cares

    2 its a disgrace – string them up

    3 I am sure there is a rational reason for this strategic move and can’t wait to hear it




    smile please

    Can i choose all three?

    To be honest as an agent yet to sign up to OTM it does not really bother me them excepting overseas properties.

    But i do think they have done this to appease the “Large” independents such as Savills etc as they have a large overseas operation.

    I would have thought the cost and time to develop this would have been better spent on further advertising or developing a back office system.

    I am sure OTM think it will help grow membership but personally i feel it is a smoke screen to develop the site for the “Prestigious” brands.

    In short, not really needed but a nice bolt on for some members.



    I just got a Rightmove Valuation Request – 9 flats in Italy, booking tickets now

    I think its a great idea!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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