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    James Morris

    We have been ‘reported’ by another agent who is pissed for loosing out on an instruction for potentially breaking the terms and conditions and could be issued with a 28 day suspension.

    Keeping a long story short, vendor instructed agents to carry out market appraisals (not including us)

    They choose the agent they liked the best but they only advertise on Zoopla. Vendor wanted to have a presence on Rightmove as well and so our name was put forward by the original agent as we have worked with them before so that we could act jointly on the sale.

    Joint agency agreement was signed.

    They advertise the property on Zoopla. We added a listing on Rightmove.

    Vendor wanted the original agent to carry out the viewings so we forward all enquiries to them and they do the viewings.

    Comission upon sale is split between both agents.

    Rightmove conducted a mystery shop and as agreed, we forwarded the e-mail to the original agent.

    I cannot see we have done anything wrong and the whole situation is no different to any other joint agency sale? I don’t recall seeing anything anywhere about not being able to list a property on RM if the other agent or agents acting aren’t members?

    It’s bugging me that we pay a high amount per month to be members and now they are potentially saying which propeties we can or cannot list.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year ago by  James Morris.
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