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    I took a local agent in Bovey Tracey in Devon to task when he put a SOLD board on my neighbours property when he had agreed a sale. He said he never puts a Sale Agreed or Sold STC up as that is a waste of time and its not illegal to put a SOLD board up anyway! He said I was wrong to say a property is not sold until contracts are exchanged in his book. I made the point that passing potential purchasers may register an interest if they observed STC or Sale Agreed while a SOLD board would send them on his way. He retorted that the sale was cast iron and would exchange shortly. Yes , you’ve guessed, the sale fell through shortly afterwards due to financing problems, another agent was appointed and it was then sold!

    Attitudes to the profession from agents like this are damaging to the profession.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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