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    The corporate story today has made me start this thread, I worked for one many years ago and the target levels were a tad over the top and I vowed then never to set targets if I ever went solo.

    Daily targets, weekly targets, monthly targets, quarterly targets and yearly targets were all a bit much, not in the sense that they were high but in the sense that you would be set a daily viewings/valuations target with no real smart way of achieving it. They seemed to be targets for targets sake.

    Once a target had been hit, people would always then start to ‘roll over’ appointments etc until the next day/week/month to give them a head start rather than over achieve, including the yearly one, so I see no point in them

    So now I don’t set targets for anyone….ever. I used to come into work and if I ended up with 1 viewing/valuation/FS  or 30 I would of done everything I could to have got them and I believe anyone who can do well for themselves without a target is the type of employee you want.

    What does everyone else do? For those that don’t own, do you get your teeth into your targets or do you loathe their very existence?


    smile please


    Worked at a corporate and too many meaningless targets.

    We use good old fashion money to motivate staff, they get bonuses centered around exchanges. More they exchange in a month, quarter, year they get more money and perks such as cars and days off. this is on an individual and office basis.

    Works well if you have a motivated team (we do).

    The typical targets at a corporate when i was there was 5 viewings, 1 f/s, 1 val a day but they would be happy with 20 viewings a week 3 fs and 3 vals. – Tended to get a lot of guff booked just for the sake of figures.




    I had the unfortunate experience of joining an ‘independent’ some time ago which was run more corporate than any you will ever come across.

    SALES AGREED were found in NINTH position on the KPI sheet – which had to be emailed DAILY to the UberNumpty in charge.

    One day, my branch was ordered to stop doing EVERYTHING ELSE and concentrate on hitting the daily Appraisals target.

    Beggars belief…



    5-1-1 Smile that takes me back! I had erased that from my mind!



    Targets are a necessity, as it gives the individual direction and focus, and when those targets a hit a sense of achievement is a very rewarding feeling. It’s just about what targets you set, the consequences of not hitting those targets and rewards for achieving/exceeding those targets is a key factor in motivating people.

    I usually worked off the basis of how much money per viewing, or per market appraisal a negotiator would make. Seems drastic but when converting into money you see a completely different more motivated side to people.



    And what when they fail to hit those ‘motivating targets’ LA201625… say three months in a row?



    you sit down with the individual, and ask their thoughts on why they feel they are missing their targets, and work on whatever needs to be addressed via training and guidance.

    I was let go from my first job as an agent and he told me to find another career as he felt it wasn’t for me. I then went onto go from neg to Assistant Manager within 3 years for a big independent , took my first office at CW and within three years took that office from making a £50k loss to £125k profit. What helped me along the way? My manager at the time took enough time out to address what we both felt needed to be, training and more training helped.



    “you sit down with the individual, and ask their thoughts on why they feel they are missing their targets, and work on whatever needs to be addressed via training and guidance.”

    A chin-wag over a coffee and choccy Hob-Nobs is a gazillion miles from what I would call “the consequences of not hitting those targets“, LA201625 – which is the very phrase you used…



    You have no Idea as to how i approach a member of staff if they fail to make targets, until then I suggest you stop making assumptions. But by the sounds of it, you would have had a high turn over as staff as a BM nor would your staff actually want to work with/for you.




    So… let me get this straight…

    YOU talk about “consequences of failing to meet targets” – and when I pull you up on it first you do a complete 180 and try to wriggle out of what you initially stated… and then you have the nerve to question MY management record when realise you’ve dug yourself a deeper hole than you can wriggle, climb or otherwise get out of.

    Sunshine – you’re a laugh a minute.

    A very uneasy, worried-for-the-future-of-Agency laugh, I hasten to add…



    The consequence of not hitting targets means they won’t earn the money they wish to earn – you automatically assumed I meant being disciplined or sacked.


    And I’m a laugh a minute? Look in the mirror old chum.


    Agency for the future? I’ve been doing the job 11 years, hardly the future…



    “…you automatically assumed I meant being disciplined or sacked.”

    No I didn’t – I simply asked you to clarify what you meant.

    YOU automatically assumed I thought you meant being disciplined or sacked.  And then you went on the defensive – which, by the way, made you look like a guilty pup sitting next to a licked-clean plate of steak.

    “Agency for the future? I’ve been doing the job 11 years, hardly the future…”<b></b><u></u>

    Eleven years?  Funny, that – I had you down for ten tops.  That dateline puts your magnificent achievement of turning base metal into gold in at somewhere between 2010 – 2012.  And I see you work in Essex – so it is entirely possible that THE MARKET more than helped take your CW office from -£50k to +£125k in those three years.

    Sorry – but NO-ONE can make THAT difference without the cards being dealt in the right order – and you had a fistful of aces coming your way.

    Nothing wrong with being in the right place at the right time – trust me – I’ve built a career on it.

    But then you throw in a joker – that said career kicked off in the late 70s – and in the five decades that period spans I (and many, many other Agents for that matter) have weathered miners strikes… high unemployment… more years of bust than boom, and average house prices less than many of the Chelsea Tractors your vendors keep for weekend jollies.

    Right place:right time for me was the ability to capitalise on the weaknesses of those around me and spot opportunities that others passed over – or simply didn’t/couldn’t see.

    So basically I’m one of those “old school bods” you referred to three weeks ago.  A journeyman; one of those Manager/Area Director types that took people under their wing in the way that your Manager did you, to build for the future of the industry.

    But – we disagreed on that thread and clearly this one went completely Pete at the same time.

    It’s always nice to find common ground to agree on – and no doubt we will… someday… somewhere.

    I look forward to that time.

    In the meantime – you should be thinking of yourself as “the future”.

    If not – is the time right to get out now



    Pee – in this world things do not just fall into your lap, you have to work at it to be successful. The office I took over was run into the ground and previous employers had gone onto open their own branch in the same town and took pretty much everything with them. To compete with that alone and achieve what I did is a good job well done – let alone with the pitfalls of working for CW. Not blowing my own trumpet, but I am good at my job.


    i worked through changing markets, and understood the needs of clients and maintained my job with a large independent when some were being made redundant.

    I’ve no axe to grind with you, but you seem intent on picking holes in not just mine but everyone’s comments or opinions which I find odd.



    I’m not saying you aren’t good at your job.  I’m simply saying there were reasons other than you being good at your job – and you’ve confirmed that to be the case.  That being said – if you have the total confidence that it was purely down to you and no other factor then I take my hat off to you, as I have never met your equal.

    I have no axe to grind with you either.

    Without difference of opinion there is no EYE… no EAT… no forums – anywhere.  ‘News’ is made out of difference of opinion; alternative viewpoints cause change that make the headlines.

    Wars are waged and fought on the strength of “beliefs”.

    You simply need your “beliefs” to be based upon demonstrable, irrefutable fact to silence the doubters.



    You just seen to engage in debate for the sake of it which I can’t fathom.


    We agents are all one big family….aren’t we?



    We are several families – somewhat tenuously related and some by name association only.

    And you know the saying about friends and family…



    Can I have a go?

    Targets are fine if you trust the setter of those targets and importantly respect them. Have done a bit of corporate, in Essex ( not from that neck of the woods ) for a couple of years, though the patch was more Ilford, barkingside, hainult,redbridge, we got up into chigwell occasionally….

    We were advised by upline that top office in our area on a monthly basis would have the use of a sports car, had to hit all kpi our you were out, that is 200% of sales could be killed by 90% bums on the mortgage advisors seat , the sports car they then sourced was an mg rover ( just before rover died and not even the v8 that might of been ok) , they didn’t know us at all, could of been an elise or a boxster and at the time that would of been great…..

    Targets set by people who don’t get the people they are setting targets for are worthless, haven’t worked for corporate since but am glad of the experience, have never worried about corporate competion since 🙂




    I’m pretty much with you all the way.

    A ‘target’ is simply that – something to aim for.  The definition (Collins Dictionary) of a business target is “<span class=” def”>the expected or predicted success level of an individual, company or organization”</span>

    As a ‘Trainer’ many moons ago we were tasked with indoctrinating ‘SMART’ Target setting to ADs, AMs and BMs – until the company bean-counters (aka CEO, MD & FU” who were all …bankers…)  woke up to the realisation that the ‘A’ part of it meant that every performance metric was way below IR “expected or predicted success level…”.

    Those who “did well” one year and exceeded their targets were then well and truly penalised the following year – and usually the one after – the previous performance becoming the figure to improve on by at least the same %age YoY improvement that had just been achieved… which we all know is a potential recipe for morale destruction.

    I would expand somewhat on your last sentence and suggest that the person who sets the “targets” should have a target of their own – to aim to motivate staff to perform at their peak through encouragement and example.

    Sadly – that seldom happens.

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