Government to help home owners on to the buy-to-let ladder?

The Government is to build 200,000 second houses to help home owners on to the buy-to-let ladder.

In an impassioned speech, the prime minister vowed to end the housing crisis which has deprived millions of a respectable second income.

Cameron said: “Why should students be waking up in their childhood bedrooms when, with a little help from the government, they could be living in a new house bought by their parents and serving as the capricious, cold-eyed landlord to their friends?

“We need to shift from generation rent to generation rental portfolio.”

Alas, we cannot pretend to have written a word of this groundbreaking story, which is also quotes Emma Bradford, 29, who said: “We’ve just got married and would like to start exploiting other people like us.

“Our dream is to be able to say ‘You can’t have your deposit back because there’s biscuit crumbs behind the sofa’ with a you’ve-hurt-our-feelings facial expression.”

Only in the Daily Mash – and more power to its elbow, otherwise known as the funny bone.


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  1. mrharvey

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this

  2. jad

    If I wasn’t so ashamed of voting Conservative all my life I’d think that this was just another Cameron ‘U’ turn – but the more he says without thinking about the consequences the more I am determined to exit the Landlording business after trying hard to provide good homes to reasonable tenants for 20 years.  David Cameron !!!   Start employing civil servants who can make policies for you that are well thought out and start being a sincere politician, not an Arrogant, Toffee nosed Posh Boy !!


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