Government to review Right to Rent guidelines

The Government is reviewing its guidance on Right to Rent and the immigration status checks that landlords and agents must by law make on all prospective tenants.

The need for the review, mentioned in the House of Lords, appears to show just how complex Right to Rent can be.

It emerged that migrants who should be in this country “may be afforded permission to rent although disqualified from renting”.

Labour peer Baroness Lister of Burtersett had asked whether the Home Office would provide guidance to migrants who did not know whether they had a right to rent.

Home Office spokesperson Lord Keen of Elie replied: “Under the Right to Rent scheme, landlords must check the immigration status of those renting, to ensure they are here legally. Where a migrant’s documents are with the Home Office, landlords can confirm the right to rent through the Landlords Checking Service using the migrant’s case reference number.

“In some limited circumstances, such as where there are genuine obstacles to them leaving, migrants here without leave may be afforded permission to rent although disqualified from renting.

“Where a migrant is unsure as to whether they qualify for permission to rent, they may contact the caseowner or team that is dealing with their case or ask when they attend the Home Office in compliance with reporting conditions.”

He added that the current guidance is to be updated, to help migrants make inquiries as to their right to rent.


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  1. seenitall

    sounds straightforward……


    unless EU or UK passport we dont take the risk…….



    Hmmmmm let me think…..

  2. jad

    How can you take a risk when the Government don’t know if they are coming or going on the subject – I guess as usual they are too busy feathering their own nests.

  3. ringi

    And why would a landlord take such a high risk tenant……

  4. TheGreyAgent

    Its not exactly complicated is it?

    A couple of questions, a minute or two to compare the documents the tenant provides against the list of approved documents and a bit of common sense. A further minute or two to complete a short application form and its done.




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