Chris Wood quits NAEA – and spells out why in damning resignation letter

Chris Wood, whose bid to become vice-president of NAEA Propertymark this year was stymied when his application was allegedly blocked from going forward to a membership vote,  has resigned.

In an open letter to the organisation, he now says: “It is with deep sadness that I have decided not to renew my membership.

“I do not feel that the NAEA Propertymark has acted in a professional or lawful way in the way it has conducted its presidential election process nor its most recent AGM and I continue to have deep concerns over the management and running of the organisation.

“I believe the association has failed to uphold, promote and no longer embodies its own standards and the good name that many of its members over the years worked so hard to establish.”

He goes on to say that during the past year he has received information from credible sources within and outside the NAEA claiming that “significant sums” of members’ money have been paid out to deal with a number of cases over alleged wrongful dismissal.

He also says  there is an alleged culture of bullying at Arbon House, headquarters of the NAEA and its sister organisations.

Wood also in his letter accuses the NAEA of failing to support its members while a “multi-million pound” campaign was undertaken against law-abiding agents. He says this campaign proclaimed unqualified agents, with little to no experience, as property experts.

His letter concludes: “If the NAEA are not prepared to defend and promote those members and other agents who have taken the time, trouble and cost to achieve nationally recognised qualifications through its offices or other colleges and universities, who is?

“Consequently, for all of the reasons listed above, I no longer see any value or integrity in the NAEA Propertymark brand or current leadership and will not be renewing my membership when it expires.”

NAEA Propertymark chief executive Mark Hayward did not comment on the details raised in Wood’s resignation email, but yesterday evening said: “As a trade body we are always disappointed by the resignation of a member.

“However, we are pleased that NAEA Propertymark continues to grow, demonstrating that our members place importance on an organisation that promotes good practice and is seeking regulation for the sector.”


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  1. cyberduck46

    >Consequently, for all of the reasons listed above, I no longer see any value or integrity in the NAEA Propertymark brand


    Funny that, he only joined in late 2016 so surely his resignation can only be for things that he has become aware of since then.





    1. NewsBoy

      Chris joined a very long time ago but did leave to return recently.

  2. MarkRowe

    Firstly, fair play to you Chris.

    Secondly, why do so many CEO’s, Chairman etc think that the statement ‘continue to grow’ is an acceptable measure of how well they’re doing?

    Purple Bricks grew from nothing to where they are now, but that doesn’t mean they offer a good service for the client. It just meant they had investors, a bit like NAEA have paying members.

    A message to NAEA. My favourite quote in business and life…

    ‘Remember where you came from and who supported you to get where you are today’.

  3. ArthurHouse02

    The NAEA ceased being of any use many years ago. Whether we bang on about the lack of support against the onliner bashing or not, the NAEA are invisible as far as the public is concerned. They do not know who they are and they do not know what they do. I find it funny when Mr Hayward talks about promoting good practice….where is this promoted Mark? In the cloud? Pointless paying a subscription to receive a sticker for your window and nothing else.

    1. jamesBee

      invisible to its members as well…I want my NAEA  to support us  and that means policing not only its members but more importantly its non members.  why were they not the ones to report  misleading advertising from the online agents or any agent..come on step up to the plate

      1. praediumagens79

        Sorry James, how do you suggest they are able to police non-members?


        1. Typhoon

          Report them To trading standards and other formal bodies when they are found out doing things they shouldn’t. There is a law called the estate agents Act

  4. Ric

    I sit here, staring at my Membership Renewal Request thinking “Is it really worth it?”

    Currently, my mind says “Nay”.


    1. LongInTheTooth75

      I went through that exercise last year, after 30 years I resigned!

  5. Essjaydee51

    If the thought is there Ric then there is something fundamentally wrong because it doesn’t feel right or comfortable, there hasn’t, to my knowledge been any advertising, promoting or defending of the body or the members however there has been a jolly or two even in Washington DC!!

    Until this ring of brothers are removed then I believe we should join in Chris’s decision, showing our disdain in the present board because if we don’t, heavens forbid where this motley crew will leave the reputation except further down that darkened road.

  6. JWVW

    Chris is a very noisy insect. Propertymark NAEA and ARLA are doing a much improved job at helping agents keep up with the changing estate agency industry. Whilst his bid to be President failed, I think we have a fantastic President and several in the wings. One member leaving really isn’t news…

    1. dompritch134

      It does seem that this publication is somewhat a mouthpiece for said person.

      1. Woodentop

        And what use was that comment? At least he makes a valid imput into debate, even if you disagree. For he is entitled to a view, just as you or anyonelese. One could turn your comment onto yourself, as it seesm you are hell bent on being an antaganist with all your posts on EYE. Never contributing a valued comment to benefit anyone.

    2. Outspoken

      unwise timing resigning now. Just looks liked sour grapes, even tough I don’t doubt the sincerity of his concerns.

      It is possible to stimulate change without being in charge so I think it is a shame he’s resigned. He could have made a difference.

      I left years ago after the naea supported home information packs against the wishes of the members.

      Brst wishes too both Chris and the naea.



    3. Woodentop

      JWVW It is necessary to be rude? Maybe you can enlighten us with what NAEA have improved?

    4. praediumagens79

      One member leaves a growing membership organisation of many thousands of members …. why is this news?


    5. PeeBee


      Chris’ application was for the post of Vice President, not as you suggest President.

      On your other comments you are entitled to your opinion, of course – but I wonder just how many of the Membership would stand behind you on them.

      Gotta say – none that I know…

    6. Rivero

      ‘I think we have a fantastic President’
      Really!? If you think this I can only deduce that either you are the current President, you are married or related to the current President, you are in the employment of the current President…or possibly the current President is cable of Derren Brown/Jedi mind tricks?

      1. praediumagens79

        …. or, Riviero, they could just be – unlike most of the people spouting on this page – an ACTUAL CURRENT MEMBER of Propertymark, who therefore has some authority to speak on what they find their contemporary experience of a member to be!
        As a long serving NAEA member, I have seen a number of Presidents come and go over the years, and IMHO they have got better and better in recent times. Not only are they, ehem, somewhat younger and more active in their businesses than some of the old guard were, as members we also see a heck of a lot more of them, as they now seem to attend and speak at most of the regional events. 10 years ago they were rarely seen ‘on the road’ by us rank and file folk. I would like to know if any of the naysayers on this page have seen, met or know anything about the recent Presidents and what work they have done on our behalf.
        In any event, I can only speak of my own experience, and I still believe that my annual subscrition of a couple of hundred quid is ridiculously good value for money for what I and my firm gets out of it. Over and out.

        1. Rivero

          If that’s your experience praediumagens79 then I am genuinely pleased for you. It is not mine, and judging from responses on here it is not the experience of a number of other agents.

          I’m not prepared to go in to details, but we had significant cause to call on the support of the NAEA in recent times…and the silence was deafening. We are still members, only because we don’t want to provide our competitors with the opportunity to discredit our respectability or professionalism…but that is it.

          We have had only one meeting with a senior member of the NAEA board, which incidentally was instigated by us, and it was thoroughly unsatisfactory.

          ‘I would like to know if any of the naysayers on this page have seen, met or know anything about the recent Presidents and what work they have done on our behalf.’ – If, as you allude to, many have not, then surely that too is a failing of the NAEA.

          I doubt very much that the many criticisms voiced whenever a NAEA/Propertymark piece is run are without foundation. I for one only feel compelled to do so because of the years of disappointment and disillusionment.

          I am not being facetious, but as your experience has been so positive perhaps you could give us a steer towards how best to get better value from our memberships, or provide a more specific example of why you feel you get value for money where others don’t.

          Many thanks

          1. praediumagens79

            ‘I would like to know if any of the naysayers on this page have seen, met or know anything about the recent Presidents and what work they have done on our behalf.’ – If, as you allude to, many have not, then surely that too is a failing of the NAEA.’
            Sorry my friend, you have missed the point I was making – my point was that many of the bandwagon jumpers who badmouth Propertymark and its staff & presidential team, from what they say, seem to speak without knowing much about the presidential team members, past or present, and what they are doing individually and collectively. 
            My experience? I initially use the contact page like everyone else, and have always had a quick and courteous response, and my questions and requests for technical advice and guidance dealt with promptly by the relevant departments. Like most of us, I am preparing my business for the impact of GDPR next year, and have overhauled our AML procedures because of the recent changes, largely using the guidance I have received from Propertymark – starting here – and here – 
            That’s just one aspect included in my couple of hundred quid a year membership fee. I’ve also been to 2 really useful Masterclasses in my region, at no additional cost to me, and used the legal helpline which is also included. I doubt I would have got all that for the same ££ elsewhere.
            Communication is a two way street – you have to engage with the organisation to get the most out of it. 
            Propertymark is still by far the largest member organisation representing estate and lettings agents in the UK. Everyone has their own view, and Propertymark may not be perfect, but I still feel it is more beneficial to me and my firm to work with them, rather then against them, to continue to benefit from my membership.

  7. AgentV

    I actually don’t know what they stand for anymore….because they let some larger members ridicule the businesses of the majority of their smaller members, they say and do nothing, and just take the money.

  8. PeeWee

    It sadly appears that not much has changed in two decades, when I had much the same issues with our membership in regards to them upholding standards.

  9. Professional68

    Chris Wood has the strength of character and candidness to speak out at the dreadful goings on with this morally bankrupt organisation. Good on you Chris, but what a great shame that this monopolistic organisation is run in such a shambolic manner when it should have its members needs at the forefront and professionally look after its staff.

  10. Woodentop

    NAEA have a very poor public relations history. There is no doubt they intend well but as a representative of estate agents they do not shine. Nearly all their communications is within the membership. Ask the public who they are and you will get a blank. It has been a training organisation with no teeth for as long as I can remember. They are that good they have people leaving them all the time, Chris is no exception. Many agents have been able to be successful without being a member of that organisation. A fish rots from the head down!


    There lack of support for the industry in recent years, has to be said ……. what support?  They appear to role over every time something needs to be done or they have the wrong people in negotiations?

  11. Rivero

    As others have said, the timing is unfortunate as it does indeed come over as sour grapes, which is a shame as the content of the resignation is valid.


    The NAEA/Propertymark are a bad joke, in fact they are a disgrace.

  12. Scottish_Mist42

    Looks like a toys out of pram moment…..

    1. PeeBee

      Looks are a funny thing.  Looks can be deceiving – isn’t that the old adage?
      Looks like you’re looking from the wrong perspective.

  13. Openminded81

    Propertymark do a Fantastic job for their members.Those who say its an “OLD BOYS CLUB” need to educate themselves. The President & Vice President are dynamic young women, the ARLA President is also an excellent lady in Sally Lawson.


    I recently attended my NAEA Propertymark Conference- the advise given was excellent, particularly Mark Haywoods knowledge on AML (& how to stay Compliant).


    I have been a member of the NAEA for over 30 years & I shall renew my 2018 membership today- together we are stonger, membership is now more important in this virtual, digital, media world, in which, TV campaigns  refer to Professional , caring agents as creating misery from their commision!




    1. GPL

      Personally I don’t need to educate myself on the NAEA… clearly my 20 Years out of 30 Years in the industry as a non NAEA Member tells me this….
      NAEA are not effective at selling to me, why I should rejoin? …. it’s their job to convince me to rejoin, I don’t need to sit here and figure out what they do now for Our Industry…. they need to tell me what they can do for me!
      Call me old fashioned, however taking annual membership fees is not a skill, nor is it a right! …..renewing can be borne out of laziness or wanting those naea letters next to your name. 
      Members actively renewing because they want to be part of NAEA, to help it grow, evolve, be proactive etc….. fantastic! …..I don’t get that feeling, I still get the  one way street scenario – members dutifully paying their annual fees.
      I got tired of the slow grinding NAEA wheel 20 Years ago, with self feathering of nests, with same old/same old….
      What’s New Pussycat? …….not a lot it seems. 
      I look forward to the Dynamic Go Ahead All New NAEA bursting onto Our Industry stage and demonstrating what they have done, are doing and will do to reinvigorate the profile of Our Industry….. I suspect however that the rusty old till will keep ringing slowly away with each renewal fee. 
      I’m going to look at their logo now and see how much they have changed  

    2. GPL

      …and Openminded
      I don’t care whether it’s an Old Boys or Girls Club, nor whether it’s gents or ladies in charge…. effective/dynamic people are a priority ….whether they arrive by Spacecraft or Prius I do not care. 

    3. AgentV


      together we are stonger, membership is now more important in this virtual, digital, media world, in which, TV campaigns  refer to Professional , caring agents as creating misery from their commision!

      So why don’t the NAEA do anything about this misleading propaganda? After all it is, I understand, being carried out by one of their members. Or do they not want to upset the apple cart, and risk the extra fees they get from their new online lister friends? Is this more important to them than standing up for the majority of their longstanding existing members? To all us ‘outsiders’ that is exactly what it looks like!

    4. PeeBee

      “…membership is now more important in this virtual, digital, media world, in which, TV campaigns  refer to Professional , caring agents as creating misery from their commision!”
      That would be a TV campaign run in this “virtual, digital, media world” BY AN NAEA MEMBER FIRM!

      Seriously – the thought processes behind your rationale beggar belief.


  14. PeeBee

    Highly interesting that the #fanboy duo of dom-boy and ducky both decide to post on this thread.
    Some might even suspect they had orders from above…

    1. cyberduck46

      Always one for a conspiracy theory 🙂


      1. PeeBee

        You and dom-boy make the possibility of one so utterly believable.

        1. cyberduck46

          >You and dom-boy make the possibility of one so utterly believable.
          Why, because we’ve never been seen in the room at the same time?
          I find that there are certain types of people who are prone to thinking everything is a conspiracy. 
          Don’t you also think there’s a conspiracy with Trustpilot and PurpleBricks?

          1. PeeBee

            “Don’t you also think there’s a conspiracy with Trustpilot and PurpleBricks?”

            Nope – just one of many very convenient and morally questionable ‘working relationships’.  It’s far from exclusive to PB.

  15. Certus

    Ditto AgentV.

    I ask myself each year “is it worth renewing?” The answer is invariably no but I still do as I think we are stronger in a pack. That said, I emailed NAEA in July for guidance on the MLD changes – no reply. I called and after several attempts and being passed about a few times I was told they could not help but I could enrol on a Masterclass. I emailed TPO, they emailed and called me by return and were most helpful.

    I really don’t know if they serve any purpose.

  16. GPL

    I left the NAEA years ago because I ended up attending meetings in a dull hotel, listening to dull procedures, from dull folk in well worn suits who knew each other from the golf club – getting things done was not on the agenda, it was simply throwing salt on a dead carcass institution …..and so it still appears today!

    You would rather call Ghostbusters for Our Industry today than NAEA.

    Frankly, apart from stickers on windows and logos on websites…. what does NAEA do? …..Oh right …..order salt? Ah! still salting the dead carcass?!

    I see NO Voice for Our Industry today…. and for that Ladies & Gentlemen we can blame ourselves. We blindly and collectively support Rightmove and have reinforced their monopoly, OnTheMarket turned out to be a Drum of self serving Monkeys and NAEA seem to keep taking Membership Fees!

    Now… I need to get back to being an Estate Agent as the jolly local schoolchildren have punched a hole in one of my clients For Sale Boards so I’m off to replace that and see if I can fit a huge spring that will swing back on the guility party next time!

    1. PeeBee

      “I left the NAEA years ago because I ended up attending meetings in a dull hotel, listening to dull procedures, from dull folk in well worn suits who knew each other from the golf club – getting things done was not on the agenda, it was simply throwing salt on a dead carcass institution …..and so it still appears today!”
      I can relate to some but not all of that, GPL.  Same old faces – yes.  NONE of the ‘new breed’ that we rely on to take things forward when we all retire ever showed their faces.  The entire Membership of the North East of England managed to muster a copule of dozen attendees on a good night.
      In fairness, those that came were in the main well-intentioned and passionate about the industry, although you knew that some tipped up to avoid being the subject of conversation.
      But until it is made mandatory to attend a minimum percentage of Branch meetings, you will always have those that do the absolute minimum to attain and then retain the letters on their business cards. 
      It could be done so much better.  But that’s an entirely different conversation.

      1. GPL

        No hesitation in agreeing that it could be done much better PeeBee.

        Many of us demonstrate our industry passion daily however it is the collective inaction that strangles the new life that we should be injecting into a new, much louder, pro-active, higher profile, focal point/voice for Our Industry.

        Until we overcome the collective inaction we are effectively standing (or sitting) and p*ss*ng into the wind.

        1. PeeBee

          Here’s something you may not have previously come across, GPL

          I now have to ask myself… and others…

          Is now the time?

          1. AgentV

            Now has been the time for a year or more….but it is impossible to do without support. I don’t need to lead it, but I would gladly fight for it, like a knight of the round table fighting for Arthur.

            perhaps we should call it Eaxcalibur!!!

  17. smile please

    I have said before i know Chris is an acquired taste, i do think he can sometimes come across as a bit aloof but i think that is because he is trying to remain professional without being all shouty and emotive like some posters.

    I find it incredible anyone that would look to run the chap down on here.

    All he has ever done is look out for independent agents like himself and ask for a level, fair playing field.

    In regards to NAEA, i do not blame him for resigning, he has been the only member ever to be banned from even running for election. surely that tells you something about the NAEA?

    They were worried he would take them back to their roots and enforce their objectives which they set out. It is quite obvious NAEA have been jockeying for position to regulated sales and lettings as an industry for many years and if that happens they will be rewarded handsomely.

    Just look at the changes of voting rights announced earlier this year.

    It is a newsworthy story as it highlights how a supposed industry regulator is behaving and the consequences of such action. You may well think there is nothing wrong with the way the NAEA work ……. that to me is a bigger worry than CW ……


    1. cyberduck46

      >They were worried he would take them back to their roots and enforce their objectives which they set out.
      Are you sure they weren’t concerned about him making claims that could not be substantiated?
      He’s had to redact half of one of his blog posts by the looks of it. 
      Didn’t he have to withdraw certain statements because of a pending complaint to the ASA? See

      1. smile please

        You know what Cyberduck, i have no idea did he? – Everybody is allowed to make a mistake, i have made many in my time. However i do not (and i believe Chirs does not) go out of my way to mislead the public, investors, members of a group on an ongoing basis with the sole intention of feathering my own nest.

        The thing is whatever anybodies thoughts are of Chris is he is just looking for a fair and level playing field for himself and others. 

        I was chatting to a chap yesterday, The likes of PB have a place in the market, the world is evolving but they are not being honest or transparent on what they offer. Some would call its sales … Some would not.

        NAEA is again a prime example, they say you need their endorsement to be seen as a trustworthy agent, the public should look out for the ‘qualified’ agents. The public do not know about them and the ‘qualifications’ are made up by themselves! They do not even enforce their own rules- Only agents that see a benefit are egotistical, uneducated individuals who want letters after their name.

        Chris is just looking for NAEA, PB and any other institution or provider to be honest and stick to the rules. He and many others feel this are being ‘bent’ far too much and there is too much lienancy. He along with me and the rest of the world make mistakes along the way.

        Difference is we are not creating a business on a pack of lies and streatched rules.

        1. PeeBee

          Best post on the subject so far!

        2. cyberduck46

          smile please, my comment was in relation to the reason why Chris’ application was blocked.


          Whilst Chris may get away with making claims he cannot substantiate (and it is on an ongoing basis in my opinion) as an individual of modest wealth (his words from  memory) or as Director of a Limited Liability Company with negative shareholder funds, he would put any company or organisation with substantial assets at risk if we as an officer for that company and made such claims.


          It’s not only financial risk. I note what people are saying about value for money and lack of representation from the NAEA but I presume from the fact that Agents do want to be members that the reputation you get as a member is something that shouldn’t be allowed to be damaged.


          Last post for the day. Things to do.

          1. Property Pundit

            Last post for the day‘. Thanks for the heads up. Been a busy day for you so far what with trying to pull Chris Wood down on here and on the ‘other site’ and then keeping your ‘audience’ informed over on London South East on all things purplebricks. We really don’t deserve such a multi-talented individual on here! No really, we don’t.

          2. Woodentop

            And here ends’ the lesson from someone who clearly still assumes they understand estate agency and don’t have a clue about the NAEA past or present, but more than wiling as usual to  have his tuppeny worth of opinion. They say if you don’t know what your talking about … don’t.

  18. MrLister

    It’ll give him more time to complain about Purplebricks, although I’m not sure he’s got anything left to moan about. Maybe that they are grammatically wrong to call themselves Purplebricks… should be Purple Bricks. I’m clutching at straws but then so is he most of the time.

    Apologies, I’ve never met the man (I picture Martin from Ever Decreasing Circles) but even as a high street agent I find it embarrassing for our industry that someone should spend so much time knocking the competition.

  19. Quags

    Bravo Chris, good to see someone standing up for what they believe in and following through.  I wonder what his competition will say if they are members? I would imagine it be levied against him on a valuation.

    As mentioned above, I am staggered people are deriding him.  He is one of the most considered, professional and diligent agents out there from what I have seen, putting his livelihood on the line.

    The NAEA are a toothless organisation who clearly have no interest in supporting their (highly paying) members.  What do we get for our money, seriously? Mark Haywards dismissive response shows the contempt and disrespect he has for agents such as ourselves whilst slithering up to online agents regardless of how misleading and unprofessional they are.  I have met the man personally and found him to be a damp squid who would throw a few lines at you about some legislation we already knew about then say “don’t shoot the messenger” when questions were asked of him.

    Money, that’s all it is.  Gives people a job and a title.  £200+ per person a year for what? I have never, ever been asked about the NAEA/propertymark by any client.

  20. GPL

    As I have noted earlier… “collective inaction”.

    I need neither be shouty or emotive however as a non NAEA Member I suggest this, if the majority are unhappy….


    Dear NAEA,

    Please terminate my Membership today.

    Until I am able to actively participate in an overhaul of the NAEA and its aims/objectives I do not wish to be part of it.

    In simple terms the NAEA is in my opinion “living in the past” and it urgently requires a radical overhaul so it can operate much more effectively for Our Industry now and actively evolve for the future of Our Industry.

    Yours sincerely,

    Former NAEA Member

  21. Woodentop

    Chris Wood has championed our industry on a number of very important issues, that is undeniable. Please can someone tell me what NAEA have championed and succeeded in changing that benefited the industry?


    The current debate over Tenants fee’s is a prime example of NAEA have no clout, certainly the government are not threatened by their existence.  I see them not being pro-active in supporting their members (high street gents) or the industry at large, from the likes of other so called companies that say they are the same and flouting advertising practice’s. NAEA should have at least made waves getting the ASA sacked and replaced by a responsible body. They should be shouting from the roof tops that the current Housing Minister is biased and disrespectful to agents with his “rip off” broadside aimed at all agents. I hear and see nothing from NAEA for many decades.

  22. jeremy1960

    As a member of 20+ years I feel that ARLA have done sweet nothing to support agents or fight our corner over the tenant fee ban, too little too late now. They’ve ignored the industry as a whole and that is the main reason that only 32 % of respondents to the gov consultation paper were agents. They even had the cheek this week to email me an invite to a conference about the fee ban and wanted me to pay them for the privilege!  This year I will not be renewing my membership as I feel the £250 or whatever it costs is completely wasted.

    1. Woodentop

      Has any noted that the current draft bill calls for lettings agents to belong to a professional body …. why? and don’t make me laugh that it will make rogue landlords/lettings agents be professional. No incentive to ARLA to say no as they will gain handsomely from the subscriptions! The bill is riddled with things that are already done, written and supported by those that have no real idea of what they are doing or have no bottle to stand up and disagree when it should be done.

  23. Maxwell73

    It’s funny how he goes from applying to being vice-president straight to trash talking the NAEA. To me it’s obvious he’s disgruntled because he couldn’t get the role he wanted and now wants to discredit them.

    Seems rather spiteful and petty on Chris’ part.

  24. Anonymous Coward

    I would resign in sympathy if I could, but I resigned a years ago.

    Such a shame that the NAEA seems to have gone so far down hill.

  25. TLKent58

    Well done Chris. There comes a time when one realises it is futile to press further against a system that cannot see sense and thinks itself so omnipotent that other opinions just don’t exist in their blind eyes.  I’ve been there of course but at least in those days  there was still politeness in the world and they gave me no grief,  just refused to accept my criticisms of their then policies so I walked!

    As for the jiggory pokery that enabled them to decide they could ban you from standing for office,  and deny the membership their democratic right to vote for or against you in an election – well words fail me!

    Good luck for the future.





    1. Chris Wood

      Thank you Trevor, your comments mean a great deal, and to all the other supportive comments and calls I have received both on here and by phone/ email.

      To make it clear to some of the above posters, I am not rubbishing the NAEA, far from it, I believe it has/ had the potential to be a great force for good and many of its long-standing employees who I have known for many years are hard-working, loyal people who have served the members well over the years and continue to do so given challenging circumstances.

      As a former member with over twenty years service to the NAEA at a local and national level and having held a number of senior roles including that of a director, business practice officer and president-elect, it grieves me that the associations’ leadership is failing its members, staff and the wider public to such a degree. They should hang their heads in shame.

      I had no intention of resigning after the AGM and the farce that was the election process that broke with almost 50 years of electoral procedure and precedent, however, the renewal form arrived via email the other day and I decided that there are some changes that can be argued successfully from within and others from without. I have chosen the latter. The money saved on my renewal form is being donated to Turn to Starboard, a military charity helping forces personnel affected by operations.


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