Is this the scariest property EVER to come on to the market?

The agents are not exactly beating about the bush with this property.

And they are certainly not in breach of Consumer Protection Regulations, being completely upfront about this home’s very creepy reputation.

Lawrence Antony Homes, in Essex, even say in the particulars: ”When we visited the property to commence marketing we noticed some strange finding on our photos which can be seen on our website listing.”

The Rightmove listing says: “This is a unique opportunity to purchase this well known cottage as a place of residence or business investment, the property known as ‘The Cage’ has been investigated many times by paranormal groups and a high level of a paranormal activity has been recorded here.

“’The Cage’ was used as a medieval prison as recently as 1908 and is well known as the prison for Ursula Kemp who was hung in 1582 for being a witch.

“We believe the ideal purchaser for this property would be someone connected to the paranormal industry.

“This unusual property is a one-off in English history and comes set up to accommodate a paranormal business if the new owner requires.”

But what kind of person would actually live in such a place?

Well, not the owner. She fled the house in 2012 after spotting a black shadowy figure standing over the cot of her baby son, and is now keen to sell up.

Micky Rawlings currently lives there– but then he is researching a documentary about the supernatural. And even he’s unnerved.

He is not, he says, religious, but goes to bed every night clutching a crucifix after seeing books flying off shelves, doors opening on their own and a shadowy figure that appears to be fond of biting and scratching his visitors.

Still, it’s not all bad news.

Mr Rawlings has been nominated for the title of Britain’s most manly man by male wellbeing firm Manflu which seems, well, to have entered into the spirit of things.

And the house? Yours for a bewitching £290,000.


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  1. Cornelius

    Spooky. I wasn’t aware that the mediaeval period extended until 1908, and, as it says on the sign, it’s hanged, not hung!


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