Land Registry migrates latest local authority to central Local Land Charges register

Liverpool is the latest city to have its Local Land Charges (LLC) register moved from the council to the Land Registry.

Anyone requiring LLC searches in the local authority area of Liverpool City Council will need to get them from the Land Registry rather than going directly to the council.

Liverpool is the second local authority to migrate its LLC data to the new national register following the launch of the service in July with Warwick District Council.

Commenting on the changes, Andrew Lloyd, managing director of conveyancing software provider Search Acumen, said: “The newly digitised data will provide solicitors with instant access to data needed to carry out due diligence for home buyers and sellers, which they could have previously waited weeks to receive.

“This will save buyers and sellers weeks of administrative angst and will also reduce the risk of transactions falling through.

“As Land Registry rolls out the digitised service across England and Wales, home buyers, sellers, estate agents and solicitors will be set to save millions of unnecessary days spent waiting for vital information to finalise property sales and purchases.

“We truly believe this revolution will transform the process of buying and selling property in the UK.”


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  1. Peter Ambrose (The Partnership)

    Andrew … your comment that “this will revolutionise house buying and selling” has got a definite whiff of the Jonestown massacre about it.

    As the MD of a search company with many years experience you should know better than promoting this fake news – to quote Mr T.

    The information on the LLC is only half the story, and whilst you may have drunk the Land Registry KoolAid no-one should be under any illusion that this is a magic beans fix for searches.

    The lawyer will still need to go to the local authority for the remainder of the search ….

    1. CWoodhouse92

      Yes but its a start and to have the LLC1 instantly will give a proactive solicitor/conveyancer, much need insight into the property.

  2. Peter Ambrose (The Partnership)

    The issue is that the Land Charges register has such a limited amount of information for the client.

    When people talk about local authority searches, they are mostly interested about planning, roads and building control issues.

    These are found in the CON29 … Only available from the local authority.

    So now what was a single request from one source now needs to be TWO!! Not exactly very efficient.

    1. CWoodhouse92

      The LLC1 covers planning section covers consents and agreements such as S106 but if you’re a Search Acumen customer you have access to live planning applications, whether they are approved, pending, withdrawn or rejected.  You can also get real-time access to other data such as Adopted/Unadopted Roads, Conservation Areas, Listed Building, Common Land and much more.  I think you can see where this is heading…!!

      Granted, Building Control is currently an issue but eventually, that data will become available too and when it does we’ll have.

      I think I must be too young as I’ve never heard of the “Jonestown massacre” but we will “revolutionise house buying and selling”, even if it takes 3 years, 5 years or even 10 years.  Change is happening and the future is now.


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