Landlords’ Barometer – #45: Reasons to feel positive about this year

Welcome to the first “Landlords’ Barometer” of 2017 …

The New Year has got off to a flying start at Property Tribes with our Alexa analytics ranking us the 6,762 busiest website in the UK. Not bad for a niche community with a zero marketing budget!

We’ve generated a lot of eyeballs already with our “Get into the property groove for 2017” campaign which kicked off on New Year’s Day.

Throughout January, new content will be added to Property Tribes daily and will feature industry stake-holders, landlords, and property commentators sharing  insights and tips into how to make 2017 a successful and profitable year.

Here are some of the trending topics thus far:

1. Property positives for 2017 with Kate Faulkner

Respected industry commentator Kate Faulkner joins me to discuss things that the industry can feel positive about in 2017.

2. What landlords need to focus on in 2017

Stephen Johnson, MD of Shawbrook Bank, shares his views on the property landscape for 2017 and what landlords should be focusing on going forwards.

3. Landlords should become more “active” in 2017

James Davis, CEO of Upad, says that landlords cannot be passive in the face of all the challenges the new year is set to bring, and need to step up to the plate and take control.

4. Income tax rate of 70% to 75%

In a very popular topic started by a community member, a stark realisation of the impact of Section 24 on this landlord.

5. Would you go into property now?

Another trending topic that has so far received 89 comments. Lots of interesting views shared.

6. Buy-to-let sales collapse 64% in 12 months

Landlords discuss this news and what is causing it.

Thank you for reading my column, and I take this opportunity to wish all EYE readers a very happy, healthy and successful 2017!

It’s sure to be a roller-coaster ride, but within every challenge there is opportunity, so … bring it on! 🙂


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  1. Property Paddy

    “Alexa analytics ranking us the 6,762 busiest website in the UK.”

    Cripes !!

    Well done.

    Anyone who knows about web stats will tell you .

    That is extraordinary.


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