Liberal Democrats support cap on tenancy deposits

A Liberal Democrat Government would press ahead with the tenant fee ban but would go even further with a cap on upfront deposits.

The party’s General Election manifesto includes several pledges aimed at protecting renters and helping people on to the property ladder.

The document proposes a Rent to Own scheme where payments give tenants an increasing stake in a property to own outright after 30 years.

The Party says it would also ban developers advertising homes abroad before the UK and would give tenants first refusal to buy a home if their landlord wanted to sell.

It also has proposals for mandatory landlord licensing, three-year tenancies and inflation linked rent increases.

The manifesto said: “House prices are high across the country – even where houses are available to buy, they are often unaffordable for first-time buyers.

“In many areas, the rental market has also become unaffordable. Young people, in particular, need support from the Government to help them find and keep a home of their own.”


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  1. lizi82

    Seriously! Do you actually realise that a lot of landlords struggle with paying the mortgages but thought putting their hard earned money into bricks and mortar was a safer bet than the bank. The amount of taxes the government is now inflicting on landlords is simply ridiculous. I’m a letting agent and quite frankly banning tenants fees and expecting landlords to pay or agencies to after my day at the office yesterday where tenants where changing their move in dates by up to a month – Calls to my out of hours emergency help line as again what of the tenants locked themselves out, another tenant is constantly coming into the office viewing several properties and changing his mind – he’s a complete time waster – but a member of my team has to deal with them and I don’t mind as I feel like tenants already pay for a great service – won’t feel like that soon!

  2. Woodentop

    The ideas will kill off the private sector. Political strutting and one sided without considering the fall out from those that provide the housing. Many landlords will not consider the hassel is worth the effort and the risks they will face. Far too many will see it as a liability.

    1. letmeout

      Thus the end result will be landlords selling-up, compounding a lack of affordable homes for first time buyers! Bless the politicains, theyr’e all the same! What ever happen to the monster raving looney party? They would certainly have my vote!

  3. londoneye

    “inflation linked rent increases” In the current market this would be wonderful news for our landlords. Rents have fallen and this lot would be encouraging landlords to put rents up. You couldn’t make it up.


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